Monday, November 28, 2011

Hello on Monday

Dear Friends,

Our Sunday went as planned. I left the house first to drop off Dad’s favorite newspaper, and visit with him for a while in the nursing home.
Linda read the Sunday newspapers while I was with my father.

When I arrived home, Linda had me set up the combination of lighted and non lighted figurines on the deck. These are her friends that she can look at through the sliding glass doors onto the deck when I am in my Man Cave watching a sporting contest.

I decided that I needed an early afternoon nap, and Linda decided it was time for her to go off and use some Macy’s coupons at the Berkshire Mall.

I woke up from my nap and did a few last minute preparations for a Patriot’s Party. 17 people attended the party, and a great time was had by all especially since the game was won by the Patriot’s. People brought the correct amount of covered dishes so leftovers were a minimum. We had three crock pots; one had sausages, onions, and peppers in it, and another had meat balls, and a third had Kapusta. Someone bought a tray of a tortellini salad. Another person brought a stuffed bread with Italian delights inside. Other people brought some interesting dips. There were a couple sets of desserts. One set was from an Italian Bakery in Brooklyn, New York. There were no leftover Canoli’s for The Curley Lad.

Since the Patriots had the football game well in hand, we decided to play some games. Some people played a couple rounds of team cribbage, but the big hit of the night was the game which I talked about before in previous emails called “Left Center Right”. The volume of noise around the table of about 14 players got louder and louder as the game progressed. I kept behind my bar, and made sure the players always had fresh beverages.

As I was observing the interaction between the LCR players, I go to thinking how great it was to have a party, and have a “Man Cave” full of guests. There were some new guests at this party, and they asked when the next party was going to be. They have already been invited to the next event.

If you are wondering why everyone on this blog list didn’t get an invite, my Man Cave is only so large. I would invite the world, but we do like a manageable size number of people. I did invite a little over 20 people some who I thought were coming. Some people responded that they were unavailable, but many did not respond to my e-mail invitation at all. The six people who attended our party for the first time might replace the non respondents.

A first timer and I were chatting at my bar about being invited to parties, and we both agreed that life is too short to pass up a party invitation. This first timer and his wife had come from a covered dish affair at the Polish Falcon Hall before arriving at our home. He and his wife found the time and energy to come to our Patriot Party.

Today has been set aside for me to put out the outside decorations, and then we will begin working on the inside decorations. I can manage the outside decorations without any help. With respect to the inside decorations, I am the gopher person! I have to get the outside decorations done completed today because some inclement weather is coming into the Berkshires.

We have nothing on our social calendar at all today. The business for both of us begins on Tuesday.

Today is the first day of the shotgun deer hunting season. I should be out there for a couple of hours, but I don’t trust my legs completely yet. My Achilles aches a little this morning from going up and down the cellars stairs so many times during the setting up and cleaning up the Man Cave. I have some leftover beverages in coolers to deal with, but every other party item in the Man Cave has been taken care of. I will use some of the beverages while I watch Monday Night Football in my Man Cave this evening. It is a party with myself once again.

Vending Machines – They now have vending machines that can make you a small pizza in 3 to 4 minutes. There are vending machines in some airports which can make you Welcome Home Banners. There are other vending machines that can give you gold for the cash you put in the machine. One of the machines can even give you a bicycle to use like you are renting a bicycle. There is another machine that you put the bicycle back in when you are done using it. Don’t we have some creative people out there who have some great ideas to make life easy for all of us?
What I would like someone to invent is a Match Box car picker upper. When we baby sit for our grandchildren, I would like to have a device to pick up those multiple Matchbox cars that are all over the place at the end of the day. Yes, our sons and their wives work hard at training their children to pick up their toys, but sometimes the adults might need a little help.

The Syracuse assistant basketball coach scandal is still making the morning headlines. The President of the college fired the assistant coach. It would appear that what he did were not just allegations. I wonder who else will lose their job.

Well, I have to put on work clothes, and move the cars out of the garage to get at the Christmas decorations. As soon as it is daylight, I will begin setting up the Christmas Decorations. I only have to put lights in two bushes, the lamp post, and garland around the front door. I also have the artificial lighted deer to put in the front of the house. I do remember some lighted snow flakes, and some lighted trees which line one side of our sidewalk to the front door. I hope that they still work. I don’t want to think of the electrical bill for the Christmas through New Years season. The decorations on the deck stay on all winter long.

Have a great week at work or play!
Talk to you soon. The Curley lad

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