Friday, March 9, 2012

Hello on Friday

Dear Friends,

It is difficult to believe that another week is about to come to an end. Time seems to be flying by at a quick pace. This weekend we will be turning the clocks ahead one hour because day light savings time has arrived once again. For many of my readers, they don't revel in this turning of the clocks ahead. They view it as a loss of one hour of sleep. For us morning people, we love it. I enjoy seeing the sun peaking over the horizon at 5 AM.

I just got through whipping up four loaves of The Curley Lad's version of Irish Soda Bread. All of these Irish Soda Breads have specific places where they will be going. I am taking one for sure with me when I visit dad who is now staying at my sister's home. My dad, sister, and her family said that they really like the Irish Soda Bread as a mid morning snack, or after supper with a cup of tea or coffee.

Speaking of dad, all the people who having been coming to check on dad or work with him are impressed with how sharp he is. They know that there are certain things that dad has to work on like leg strength. I am guessing that the nurses, home health aide, and the occupational and physical therapists see people each day who are ten times worse than dad is.
Next week all the people mentioned will be coming three times per week --> M, W, F, and then we don't know what happens after that. I think his care giving will be falling on the shoulders of my sister and her family, and me.

When I go off to visit dad, I have to go by two golf courses. When I drove by them yesterday, I saw temporary flags out on my golf course which means the golfers are hoping for an early start to the golf season. The temperatures were in the lower 60's on Thursday, but over night, the ground was covered with a blanket of snow. If the golfers can make it through today and Saturday (temperatures in the 30's), we have a whole bunch of days coming up where temperatures will be in the 50's and 60's. I am guessing that the golfers will be out in force next week for sure.

Linda made it though four consecutive evening events this week so far. She had fun yesterday and won some door prize / Chinese Raffle. Tonight we are going out together. We are attending a birthday bash for one of our Irish Sister City Friends. The covered dish affair starts at 8 AM. Linda and I will be whipping up some finger sandwiches for the party. I might cut up one the Irish Soda Breads and bring it to tonight's party.
Since the party doesn't start until 8 PM, we might socialize with some friends at the Shamrock as well as play a few games of Keno first.
Since I got up so early to do the baking, I will be taking an afternoon nap for sure.

Linda has a midmorning body maintenance procedure.

Actually my hair needs a little trim. I will try and find a free moment next week so that Linda can cut my hair. She does such a great job with my hair, and the price for doing so is within my price range.

Rush Limbaugh -- I sometimes get myself in trouble by what I say in my daily bog, but I am not the only one who gets himself in trouble. Rush made some comment that got all the women in the nation fired up. Rush lost several of his major sponsors. His three hour program from noon to 3 PM here in the Berkshires has been taken of the air, and has been replaced by a Fox Sports" Talk program. Rush makes over $50 million per year with his daily broadcasts. I won't miss his three hour program at all. My conservative friends and relatives in the Berkshires already miss him. Oh Darn!

Well, I have to check the soda breads, and do some quiet activities. At some point this morning, I have to make a grocery run for the ingredients for the finger sandwiches. I also need flour, Butter Milk and sugar so that I can make more soda breads for next week as we approach St. Patrick's Day.

Have a great weekend!
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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