Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hello on Sunday

Dear Friends,

It was quiet, but pleasant day in Curleyworld. We did a couple of errands in the middle of the afternoon. We went off to the Rainbow Restaurant for supper with our Dalton friends. After supper, we went back to our own homes. Linda watched her previously recorded programs, and I proceeded to watch the Red Sox in bed while reading a book on Linda's kindle. After about two minutes on the Kindle, the low battery signal came on. Oh Darn!

The Red Sox did win their game, and the Yankees lost their game so the Red Sox have a three game lead over the second place Yankees. If the Red Sox team can stay healthy, only good things can happen.

As I skim the CNN news report, there are not a lot of nice things going on in the world. We have the Norway mass killings, the killing of many people when a couple of bullet trains collided in China, the guest of honor at a party at a roller skating rink in Texas goes into a shooting rampage and kill 6 guests, Amy Winehouse dieing most likely with a drug overdose, continuation of the budget wrangling process, etc.
I can see why my friend stopped the delivery of most newspapers. There is a lot of depressing news that we can see on television or read about on a daily basis.

It is better to direct my positive energy toward family and friends than to get involved with too many outside activities.

We have another quiet day for Linda and me for today. This is very good because we have another full schedule from Monday through Friday of this coming week. Some days we even have more than one event.

Well, I am going to read the Berkshire Eagle and the Sunday Boston Globe, before I do any quiet activities.
Have a great Sunday!
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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