Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hello on Saturday

Dear Friends,

After my nap on Friday, I gave the lawn a trim before we headed off to the Shamrock for supper. It was just the two of us on a relatively quiet night at the Pub. Of course, we always meet an interesting person or two every time we are playing Keno at the bar before sitting down to eat supper. Well, last night was no different. We met a nice lady who came in for a beer while waiting for her take out order. This woman was born in Austria before immigrating to the United States. She worked for 42 years in the Pittsfield City Hall before the current Mayor let her go. She hired a high powered local group of attorney's to take her case. She told us that they the lawyers studied her case for several months, and that there is a chance that she can win her lawsuit. I did admit that I held recognitions signs for the same Mayor who fired her. I also told her who we were voting for in this election, and she said that she is not voting for the person who we are supporting because he as a City Councilor didn't support her in the law suit. When I told her my last name was Curley, she asked if I am related to a Joe and Ruth Curley who lives one street over from where she lives. I said: "Yes, they are my Uncle and Aunt." I told her that we would probably meet her again one of these days as she holds signs for her Mayoral hopeful "Bianchi" while we hold signs for our candidate "Marchetti". There is more to the story of why she was terminated, but I will end this discussion before I get myself in trouble.

We also met a nice guy (81 years old) who said "Hello" to me in particular twice. The first time was when he was at the bar waiting for his table to be ready. He couldn't remember who I was. I actually had his daughter in class years ago. While at the bar, Linda and I told him our names. When he and his group finished their meal, he came back to the bar, and he asked us our names again. I went through the thing about look at my hair. I have curly hair, and my last name is "Curley". I am not sure that the next time that we meet he will remember who I am. Most of us do experience some memory loss as we age, but this conversation was getting kind of scary. Yes, this person still drives a car which is another scary thought!

Sports -- My Red Sox finally won a game last night. It was a must win game for the Sox because there was a very good possibility that the Red Sox could have been in serious jeopardy of losing their wild card playoff spot as the regular season comes to an end. The Yankees lost, but the Sox aren't worried about winning their division right now. Making the playoffs is the only thing on their minds.

Continuing on with Sports, the Patriots play on Sunday at 4:15 PM at Gillette Stadium. I was going to have a Patriot Party, but Linda wanted to just chill and watch the Emmy's which come on at 7 PM. Since she had a busy week, she just wanted to have her Sunday as a "Chill Day". So as of this moment, I will be having a party with myself in my "Man Cave". Oh Darn!

Social Calendar -- Today, we have a really full day on the bus trip to the Irish Festival at the Saratoga Fair Grounds in Ballston Spa, New York. By the time that we get home from the all day affair, our heads won't hit the pillows until midnight.
The Festival is always a fun affair because besides having three venues for Irish Music, there are whole bunches of vendors selling food, beverages, jewelry, Irish gifts, exhibits, etc. I won't be able to weave in a nap so I will sleep like a log when this day is over.
I am also debating whether or not to take my Orthopedic boot since being on my feet all day might make my Achilles Strain worse. They do have seats at the festival at the musical venues. I know that both of us can't be on our feet all day and night long.
Another thing that we have both been thinking about is what to wear. The day starts off cool (we had a freeze warning last night in the Berkshires), and then goes from sun to partly cloudy before dropping off when the sun goes down. The mid 60's are the forecasted high for today.

Politics -- I just wish the Republicans would whittle down the number of candidates who will be taking a run at President Obama. Could there ever be a candidate like "Joe the Plumber" instead of the "Rich and Famous" candidates vying for the Presidential office?

Air Show -- I see where there was a tragedy at an Air Show in Nevada. A World War II plane crashed into a stand of spectators. There were some deaths and multiple injuries. Right now the officials are saying mechanical problems, and not pilot error from the 74 year old pilot who was killed in the crash. We have been to several Air Shows, and usually the planes don't fly that close to the spectators.

I also saw where Davis Monthan Air Force base in Tucson, Arizona was in a lockdown yesterday. Someone reported a lone gunman on the base, but no one was actually found in a thorough search of the base. This base is where our Lt. Colonel son learned how to fly the A-10 Thunderbolt. He also spent some time there in April of this year before shipping out to Afghanistan.

Well, I have to do some quiet chores and select appropriate clothes for the Festival.
Have a great Saturday!
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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