Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hello on Thursday

Dear Friends,

Well, I can put away my Red Sox tee shirts, sweat shirts, and shorts for another year. I don't want to watch, listen, hear, or read about the monumental collapse of the Red Sox for the 2011 season. It was so sad to watch the closer for the Red Sox not being able to hold a one run lead as the home team came up in the bottom of the ninth inning.
The Tampa Rays game on the other hand was more exciting to watch as this team overcame a 7 run deficit, and they eventually won their extra inning game.
This is another case where a small market and small payroll team showed that money can't necessarily put a winning team on the field. Oh Darn!

Linda's cold is getting better, but she was a little off on Wednesday. I do hope that she is feeling better when she wakes up today. Her social calendar appears to be a full one today. Linda and a girlfriend have already made plans to do a whole bunch of recreational shopping during the day. This evening she will be going out with a couple more girlfriends for supper.
I will be working a UNICO prepared dinner for an organization called Ad-Lib at the ITAM.
Kitchen workers are scheduled to arrive during the early afternoon while servers while be arriving closer to 4 PM.
If either of us were free, we would have attended a Mayoral fundraiser for the candidate who we are supporting at the Italian American Club.

My day went as planned on Wednesday. My scheduled visit at the Federal Building to officially apply for Medicare went well. If all the paperwork goes through, I should be on Medicare as of December 1, 2011. I must sign up for a supplement program through the City of Pittsfield when my application gets accepted.
During my visit at the Pittsfield City Hall, I found out that they were giving Flu Shots to current and retired City Employees. I got my free of charge flu shot yesterday too. I didn't know about the Flu shots because the City of Pittsfield doesn't send out notification in any form to us retirees. I did get some other dates and times when they would be given so I sent out an e-mail to some retired City of Pittsfield friends. I am hoping that they pass on the information to other retirees.

Speaking of the Federal Building, every time that I go in the waiting room, I see a very interesting group of people. I did see a friend that I used to caddie with at the Stockbridge Country Club when I was the 14 to 15 year old range. He was doing what I was doing, signing up for Medicare as he and I both near the age of 65. There is another group of people that are always in the waiting room too. This is the able body looking people who are young, some have a child or two, and they are on some kind of assistance, or are seeking to be put on some program. For these people I always ask myself, how can you take from a system that you haven't even put into? A friend once told me that the staff at Federal Building had to call security and escort him out the building because he was making these comments out loud.

I always take a look at Linda's Facebook everyday, which I am not allowed go on because I might get myself in trouble. Linda is correct that I should stay away from Facebook. From the daily stuff that I see on there, I would love to "zing" a few people with my comments. I am not a psychologist, but through what I read on Facebook, I would interpret there are some unhappy people out there. They definitely would not be part of the "Life is Good" club / philosophy that I try to live my life by. Sometimes life isn't so good, but I always try to get through / over the bumps in the road, and dwell on the positive things in life. After a while, the "Whoa is me" type of attitude becomes a way of life. I better stop right here before I get myself in trouble.

My lawn is looking the best that it has all summer. I am going to give it a trim within the next couple of days. I like cut the lawn during the week so that lawn cutting doesn't become a weekend activity. When you are working, taking care of the stuff around the outside of the house always became part of what you did on the weekends.

Moose pictures - Two friends did say that the friends who took Moose pictures without the photo chip in their camera still might have pictures inside their camera. You hook the camera up to a computer to get the pictures out of the camera. I am looking forward to seeing the Moose pictures. Some people were asking where the moose was prancing around. Our friends the Christoplis' own a home tucked into the woods just outside of Pittsfield. They have seen all kinds of creatures including bears in their yard in the past.
Why would anyone want to give up multiple seasons and go South, and miss a chance at seeing Mother Nature at its finest?

Well, I have to read the local newspaper, and do some quiet activities.
I am going to squeeze in a noontime nap so that I can make it through the UNICO function today. Linda will be on her own having a fun during day and evening with girlfriends.

Have a great Thursday!
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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