Monday, December 19, 2011

Hello on Monday

Dear Friends,

I would like to start this e-mail on a positive note, but it isn’t going to happen! I was in sleep mode last evening when the telephone rang at our house. Linda was still up knitting, and watching her favorite programs. My sister was on the telephone, and said that she was at the Emergency Room with dad. He fell in the bathroom of the nursing home and broke his collar bone, and so much for my sister and I getting my father back in his own home for Christmas. Oh Darn! After he was examined in the nursing home, my sister told Linda that dad would be sent back to Greylock Nursing home.

On a happier note the two parties which we attended on Sunday went well. There was much food, fun, and merriment at the parties.

Sports -- The Patriots putting a damper on Tim Tebow mania brought joy to my heart. This past Sunday almost all the teams which were supposed to win lost their games. The Green Bay Packers had a schedule in which they could have gone undefeated, and they even lost to one of the worst teams in football, the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs fired their head coach last week, and the interim coach led the Chiefs to victory. This interim coach used to be one of the coaches on some of Patriot Super Bowl teams.

The Jets, Giants, and Ravens were some of those other teams which were supposed to win their games, but neither could get the job done. Oh Darn! Since these other teams lost, the Patriots clinched their division, and I think that they will have a bye week in the playoffs.

The Patriots have two games left in the season, and they both are home games for the Patriots; Miami during the day on Christmas Eve, and the following Sunday on New Years Day against the Buffalo Bills (who beat the Patriots early in the season in Buffalo at the game which Linda and I attended). This Saturday’s game I will be watching at my son’s home in Tewksbury, and on New Years Day I will be watching the game in my Man Cave.

I see where the 69 year old leader of North Korea passed away. The world is waiting to see if his son will be the next leader of North Korea. Wouldn’t it be great if North and South Korea under new leadership could bring the North and South Korea together like what happened between East and West Germany many years ago? North Korea can’t even produce enough food to feed its people.

I also watched a video of some Kayakers who purposely went over this huge water falls in Alabama. They had video camera attached to their equipment. These no fear males in their early twenties didn’t get hurt or freeze to death in the 40 degree water temperatures. Do you think that these guys could get life insurance policies? What company would insure these daredevils?

Social Calendar – Linda has baking on her mind, and no commitments on her social calendar.

I will be leaving the house first again, and I will be heading to see how sore dad is this morning after his fall on Sunday night.

I will come home and see if Linda needs help with all the items whcih she is planning on making. I will at least wash the bowls and cookie sheets, bunt cake pan, etc.

I am definitely taking an afternoon nap before heading out to my UNICO membership / dinner meeting at 6 PM this evening. I have two sporting contests to watch this evening; the Boston Bruins doing battle against the Montreal Canadians, and Monday Night Football. I want to be able to stay up and watch both sporting contests.

I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year since these holidays are right around the corner.

Have a great week at work or play!

Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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