Friday, January 27, 2012

Hello on Friday

Dear Friends,

The weeks and the months are flying by during this weird winter with respect to the weather. We are above freezing right now with temperatures predicted to hit the 50 degree mark. There is a 100 % chance of rain today, and we are still in the month of January. I continue to side with Al Gore believing that there is a global warming connection.

Our Thursday went pretty well. The Ultra Sound guy who I saw yesterday was a Patriot Fan so we had much to talk about. I hope that I didn't distract him from what he was supposed to be doing.

I left the Medical Arts Complex, and headed off to the nursing home to visit dad. Dad didn't have a good night sleeping wise. He had a pain in his right side which was bothering him bad enough that the nurse gave him some pain medication. He was semi groggy when he came back from a Therapy session, and when I tried to carry on a conversation. Both my sister and I have convinced Dad that he is not ready to go back to his home in Lee. Oh Darn!

Linda did not go to her body maintenance procedure on Thursday. She had a haircut scheduled, but she really didn't feel that she needed one.

Yesterday, I was mentioned in the local newspaper. I had sent a correction into the newspaper because of an article the week before about the Broyles Roller Skating arena article. The article was about my Great Aunt Josephine Broyles who started the long gone rink. The article had the Italian name of my Great Aunt misspelled. The author of the article, Brian Sullivan, is a friend of mine. He made the correction and mentioned my name as well as a few other items which I mentioned in the email which I sent to him.

Speaking of the local newspaper, Linda goes off to a new Knitting group for the first time at Dottie's Coffee shop (downtown North Street) from 3 to 5 PM yesterday afternoon while I was napping. A writer and a camera person from the Berkshire Eagle come in to do an article about the knitting group. The writer does a couple interviews (not Linda), and the camera person takes a couple of pictures. The names of the knitters are recorded. Linda might be in a picture in today's Berkshire Eagle.

I did ask Linda about how these groups of Knitters were compared to her Wednesday night group. She said that this group of 8 to 10 people was eclectic mix of Knitters. Linda said that these women tend to use knitting as therapy. She said that some of these people came from the remotest parts of Berkshire County and neighboring New York State. Of course, Linda could fit in with any group. I think that she might give this group another try next Thursday.

Social Calendar -- I have an 8 AM physical therapy session. I will then head off to bond and have breakfast with the Pittsfield High School Female Retiree group at Misty Moon Light Dinner. After breakfast, I will go straight home, and do some chores around the house. Linda has an 11 AM body maintenance procedure on a different part of her body. I want to take an early afternoon nap so that I can make it through an early supper at the Shamrock, and the 6:30 PM Game Night at the Polish Falcon Hall on Belair Ave.

Politics -- The Republican Candidates continue to battle each other as they go from State to State. It seems like every day, the candidates make some kind of political gaff. They will end knocking each other out of the race by what verbal mistakes they make.

I see where Bill Gates is going to donate $750 million to fight disease. Can you imagine having so much money that you have to find some way to give it away? Bill Gates is truly a representative of the American Dream.

Sports -- The blah, blah, blah continues each day with respect to the Super Bowl combatants. I did read in the newspaper that I purchased for my father that Wes Welker, from the Patriots, is going to marry his girlfriend which he met at Hooters a couple of years ago while she was working there. They are going to live in Foxboro not too far from Gillette Stadium.

I was reading another book on the Kindle last evening while watching the Boston Celtics do battle with the Orlando Magic in my Man Cave. The Celtics were behind by 27 points at half time. I decided to watch the fourth quarter in bed. As usual, I feel asleep. The booing of the crowd woke me up as the game came to an end. The Celtics ended up winning the game. The coach of the Orlando team might be getting his "walking papers" pretty soon. There will mostly likely be a big time shake up of players on the team also.

I went into the Tractor Supply store on the way home from visiting my father. I went there to purchase some Niger seed for my feathered friends.
Every time that I go into that store I feel like I should be wearing cowboy boots. I am usually one of the only non farmers in that store. I even bought a discounted clothing item that a farmer would wear while working on his or her farm. I like the store! Maybe I should get a part time job there? Not! Work has not been in my vocabulary since my teaching career ended in June of 2004.

Well, I have to read the local newspaper, and put on some physical therapy clothes, and head off to my 8 AM appointment.

Have a great weekend!
Hope that you have as much fun as the Curley's will be having.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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