Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hello on Sunday

Dear Friends,

I hope that the Sunday newspapers arrive before we have to leave to catch the Casino Trip Bus departing from the Italian American Club today. Anyone on the bus trip is invited to have some coffee and donuts starting at 7:15 AM at the Club. The bus leaves promptly at 8 AM. The early Curley's will be there to grab what we think are the best seats on the bus. My Radio Talk show host and his wife will be on the Casino trip too.

Rotary Auction -- Before I give you my opinion of how the Auction was, let me tell you what I observed. Linda and I arrived at the auction at 5 PM, and got in line to get a paddle with a number on it which you get when you give the registration people a credit card. All credit card numbers are removed from the Rotarian data base when the Auction is over.
There are two long tables set up at the Crowne Plaza one had items for a silent auction, and the other has some items which you can touch and feel as well as other items which are in the program booklet.

The Silent Auction -- I have never seen so many Artisan whicker baskets, and hand blown glass items. The number of wicker basket items were a bit much.

The regular auction was okay, and our friends purchased a tent rental at a bargain price. They are having a big bash sometime in June to celebrate two events in their lives.

The Appetizer Food & Desert -- The Theme of the Auction was "Carnival in Rio" which meant the Rotarian Organizers had to choose the type of food related to the theme of the auction. Well, here are the food selections:
Chafing dishes with rice, collared greens, a multi bean concoction, and rock hard pork rinds which could break your teeth, and overcooked roast beef at a carving station. The beef was so tough that the carving station had only forks there until people realized that they couldn't cut the beef because it was tough as could be.
There was coffee and dessert. The dessert consisted of a piece of pound cake in a cup, with milk poured over the piece pound cake. Tooth picks were provided to eat the milk drenched pound cake. I laughed as I saw people try to eat the wet cake with a tooth pick.

In the past, we have had a pasta station where a chefs "cook to order" your penne. We have had chicken wings, trays of meat balls, and all kinds of epicurean delights. They did have wait staff pass around appetizers which were okay.

A carving station of turkey breasts would have been great because you usually can't mess up cooking turkey breasts. They didn't even have the standard, cheese, pepperoni, and cracker platters or a vegetable and dip platter. We have great desserts in the past or at least cookies of all kinds, brownies, cakes, and one time they even had pies, etc.

If I had to give grades to the Rotarians who were in charge of the type of food that they chose to have the Crowne Plaza personnel prepare, the grade would have to be a failing one. I too realize that the Rotarians are providing this food free of charge to us guests, and they don't want to spend too much of the auction profits for food, but this was one of the least favorite food offerings at the multiple auctions which we have attended.
Actually, I would have been embarrassed to put out such food and milk soaked pound cake dessert.
There might have been some guests who loved the food, but these people must not prepare many meals in their own home.

On a positive note, the Rotarians did make a good deal of money by way of the auction for the various charities which they are involved in.

The question is would I attend another auction? I have already told Linda that she can count me out for next year's auction. If Linda and her female friend want to go next year, they can do so without me!

I would rather go out and party with a bunch of friends somewhere, or have a dinner party at our house where our guests would have some real food, or watch a sporting contest in my Man Cave.

There is a Rotarian who is on my daily blog. I hope that he wasn't too upset by my observations and comments. I guess that I am so critical about food things because my UNICO brothers and sisters are always in the kitchen dealing with food.

We have one event coming up at the ITAM this Thursday at 6 PM. UNICO is preparing dinner for a mental health organization, called NAMI, which is trying to raise some much needed funds. The cost is $25 dollars for a dinner / show with entertainment provided by a theatrical group which engages the audience. One thing for sure is that the guests will be getting a great meal!

On a different note, I can't wait to get to the Mohegan Sun Casino today. We hope that our favorite slot machines in the non smoking part of the Casino are free. If we can at least break even from playing the slots all day, we would be content.

I did talk to my Republican friend at the auction last evening, and I asked him about Mitt, Newt, and Primary race. He said that Mitt will win the nomination. My friend said Mitt will pick up the Governor of New Jersey as his Vice-President, and together they will make President Obama a one term President.
I am glad that my conservative friend sees things that way, but I don't believe that his prediction will come true. Time will tell!

Well, I have to do some quiet chores, and chose a wardrobe appropriate for the Casino. I have already decided to leave my winter coat on the bus. I also can't wear turtle necks and wool sweaters because I would get over heated in the Casino. Oops, we do have one baby boomer friend who is always cold, and she would never leave her coat or sweater on the bus. Of course, she has no body fat.
Linda and this "always cold" friend will be a doing a Casino trip together out of St. Joe's Catholic Church soon. I will be ice-fishing on that day.

Have a great day!
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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