Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hello on Wednesday

Dear Friends,

Hope that you all had a pleasant day like we had in our lives on Tuesday.

Lunch with the Mah Jongg ladies went very well. I studied some of my ServSafe Manual for several hours in preparation for the recertification test which I and bunch of friends will be taking on Valentines Day.

I did have to take an afternoon nap so that could make it through the Boston Bruin's Hockey game and the President's State of the Union speech.

The Bruins lost their hard fought game, but the President's Speech was a winner.

President's State of the Union Address -- As the analysts said it was his first major campaign speech. He has my vote in the next election. If you had Democratic Party leanings, you had to think that his speech was wonderful. Yes, I can hear my conservative friends talking about substance, etc., but the President pretty much "laid it on the line" to Congress. He clearly explained what needs to be done as our country progresses in a positive direction.
Democrats are portrayed as the tax and spend party of the people. Time Magazine had a great chart starting with President Reagan to our current President. The chart showed that President Obama has increased the National budget / debt by the least amount of money of any of the previous Presidents.

If you listened to the President's speech last evening, you have to admit that he has command of the English language.

My Radio talk show host friend and many of his callers bash our President and his administration almost every day of the week. They take shots at our local politicians too on his program. There are a lot of angry people out there. Even if God was our President, they wouldn't be happy.

Could a pill for depression help some of these people out? Oops! I better not discuss "Depression" because I got myself in trouble the last time that I gave you my thoughts on Depression.
Can we ever get through watching a television program without some company pushing their particular magic pill to help depressed people out?
Maybe if people worked hard all day, took care of their children which they brought into this world, etc., they would come home "tired" instead of depressed.

On my friend's radio program yesterday, the callers were ranting and raving about the people who collect Social Security Insurance checks and Welfare checks for sitting on their butts when they appear to be healthy individuals. I do agree that able bodied people should not get something for nothing. If you need to work two or three jobs to make ends meet, then do so.
I do agree that the system should not be paying for people who have multiple babies with different fathers. When FDR created the Social Security system, it wasn't designed to have a nation of able bodied people to get free handouts for life. Some of my conservative friends want to throw out the system completely, but I say close the loopholes.

Close the Loop Holes for the wealthy with respect to the Tax Code. Don't give me the standard conservative line that the rich people create jobs for the middle class. Profit and greed is a top motivator for most of the larger companies. I would give the small business owners the biggest Tax breaks.

Sports -- Our Super Bowl party will be one rowdy place on February 5, 2012. Several of the guests are diehard fans of the Giants as well as we Patriot fans. The trash talking has already started in the newspapers and on all the sports' talk programs. I listened to all of this stuff in 2007 when the Patriots were supposedly the best team. Well, the Giants proved otherwise.
I am going into this game like I have done for most of the regular and playoff's season. I am going to continue to use the words "cautiously optimistic", but I am hoping that the Patriots will be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the game.

Social Calendar -- Linda has only two commitments on her social calendar. This evening at 6 PM is her Wednesday Panera Bread knitting group gathering, but she will not be attending this event. She has her once a month session of BONCO at a friend's home.

I saw a picture of a person ice-fishing on Laurel Lake in Lee in our local newspaper today. There didn't appear to be any snow on the ice. Wearing ice creepers on my boots for several hours is not that appealing. There are 20 to 30 mile per hour winds which will be blowing all day today which is another negative. On a positive note, I can park my car in the Laurel Lake boat ramp parking lot, and watch my tip ups from the comfort of my car. I can bring a book to read also.

I could stay home and do more studying of my ServSafe manual. Staying home is looking pretty good.

Today is garbage collection day for our neighborhood. Paper is the recycle product. With the winds howling, it will be another day of paper products blowing up and down the streets. Oh Darn!

Have a great day at work or play!
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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