Monday, October 3, 2011

Hello on Monday

Dear Friends,

Linda did all of her food preparation on Sunday. I overdosed on professional football. Yes, we are still trapped in our house because of the garage door problem. I messed up trying to open and close the garage door manually, and I got it jammed in the semi closed position.
We did get a telephone call from the garage door service people that we use. They will fix the problem this morning or at least fix it so I can manually open and close the garage door.

Our social calendar only has Linda's book club dinner meeting on the agenda today. When the women are dinning and discussing their latest book, I will be in my "Man Cave" watching Monday Night Football.

I have some errands to do when the garage door problem is fixed. I was scheduled to play some golf this morning, but our golf course sent out a newsletter saying that the course is so wet that golf carts will not be allowed. When the golf course sends out such a newsletter, this means that certain holes on the golf course are unplayable, and that the course has a lot of water on low lying holes. Oh Darn!

One of our friends who spends the winter in Atlanta, but who is currently staying at her home in the Berkshires, couldn't stand being cold, and turned the heat on. Linda and I have resisted turning the heat on so far. This coming weekend we will be having sunny weather and temperatures reaching the mid 70's. I am tempted to take out the air conditioners, but I am not going to do so until the following weekend.

I skimmed the CNN news wire, but nothing jumped out at me. Local news wasn't that exciting either.

Linda is feeling a little better, but she is about 75 % of her normal self. I sure hope that she doesn't pass her cold onto me. I don't have patience for sick people including myself. She still has a cough, and she has been drinking Earl Grey tea with a little honey to soothe her throat.

Sports -- My New England Patriots did win their game against the Oakland Raiders. The defense for the Patriots still has room for improvement. When a 350 + defensive linemen leads the team in interceptions that is a statement of just how bad the defensive backs are doing. Their game this week should be a good one. They will be playing the New York Jets at Gillette Stadium. I will be watching part of the game at home, and the rest of the game at the Taste of Italy which is taking place on Sunday at the ITAM at 6 PM. I might have to record the game so that I won't miss a moment of the game.
The Patriots did lose the defensive Captain during the game with a knee injury. We should be getting a report of how bad the injury is at some point today. This is a major blow for the Patriots. This guy was defensive "Rookie of the Year" a couple of years ago. Oh Darn!

I think that I mentioned that I entered a free "You Pickem" NFL contest on line each week through a Boston Sports Radio station WEEI. Every week, the winner gets a pair of free tickets to a Patriots' home game. I have been so far from winning each week. Good thing that I wasn't placing weekly bets in Las Vegas. This contest doesn't even deal with the point spreads. All I have to do is pick the winning team of every football game. I don't even do that well.

Linda and I can't wait to get the news that our son's tour of duty in Afghanistan is over, and that he is back home in Southern Georgia. In two weeks from now, we should be at their home in Valdosta, Georgia for week long visit. We have not seen them since mid January, and that was when they lived in Leavenworth, Kansas.

Well, I have to read the local newspaper, get dressed, and wait for the garage door repair man to arrive. The garage door guy could fix the problem without a helper, but he has a shoulder problem according to his wife / book keeper /scheduler. I will bet that he has a rotator cuff problem. He is in his mid 50's! She said that they have a big job today because a trailer truck crashed into a garage door. If I could open my garage door manually, they weren't going to fix my problem until 6 PM. Oh Darn!

Have a great week at work or play!
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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