Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hello on Saturday

Dear Friends,

Linda didn't feel like her normal self on Friday. Her cold, which she picked up from last Sunday's bus trip, is still making her feel like dog do do. She did do some shopping for a few items at Walmart while I was enjoying a pizza party with my Friday morning golfing buddies.

My therapy went well on Friday morning. I am not going back for a while, and I am now allowed to return to normal activities while being cautious of my strained Achilles. I am required to start each day stretching the Achilles, and at the end of the day, I am still supposed to ice it. This injury is prone to re-injury so things have to be done in moderation.

Today I am going to re-sign up at Retro Fitness. There is a special being offered which starts today.

Isn't hard to believe that we have started the month of October? Time is flying by even for us retirees. I like the sound of October because in a couple of weeks we will be heading to Valdosta, Georgia to visit our son and his family. Our son should be out of Afghanistan about a week before we arrive if his exit strategy is on track.

Linda never did make it to the grocery store on Saturday, and she will be doing so today. I just hope that she wakes up not feeling like "death warmed over" as the saying goes.

We did stop into the Providence Care Nursing home in Lenox near supper time to wish my mother a happy 95th birthday. Even though she is stuck living in a nursing home, my sister and I are pretty lucky to have both parents alive.
Not many of our baby boomer friends have parents who are still on this earth.

I spent last evening in my Man Cave. They had an 8:15 PM open mike interview with two of the three owners of the Red Sox and Theo Epstein who in charge of finding ball players, and negotiating those seemingly outrageous financial player contracts. The three of them were there to announce that Terry Francona will not be back next year to coach the Red Sox. There was some talk that Theo Epstein would not be returning, but there was no indication that this was going to happen during the interview.

Most of the analysis after the interview centered around finding a coach that is a strict disciplinarian with the Belichick coaching style. For those of my blog readers who might not know what that means, you have to watch a few Patriots games, and watch the interviews before and after the football game. The Belichick and New England Patriot philosophy is that they hire players to do a particular job. If you can't do the job according to the high standards of Coach Belichick, then he will find another player who can replace you.

Our social calendar is light today because a 4 PM pig roast / birthday party for a friend got cancelled. This is not a bad thing since Linda is not functioning at 100 %.

Sunday I am gearing up for the 4:15 PM Patriot Game.

Linda had her name on a waiting list for a Mohegan Sun Casino trip on Sunday out of the Italian American Club, but no one has called to say someone has backed out of the trip. Oh Darn!

I did give our lawn a trim on Friday. Good thing that I did so because rain is in the forecast today.
Speaking of rain, our golf course is kind of saturated because of the recent rains. They wouldn't let golf carts out on Friday so our senior group didn't play.

We have another busy week coming up. On Monday Linda will be cooking up a storm for her book club. Some book clubs have snack type food, but this club started making it a dinner meeting at the host's home.

News -- I see where some of terrorist's leaders are vowing retaliation for one of our drones killing a couple of their top leaders. We will be on full alert in the United States. Oh Darn!

I also got to thinking about the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor. It reminds me of the American way of not accepting responsibility for the not so nice things that people do. Michael Jackson, in my eyes, was hooked on pain pills / medication, and Doctor Murray became his drug supplier. The doctor didn't try to kill Michael Jackson because he was paid quite well to take care of Michael Jackson.
The average drug addict dies of an overdose and who or what lawyers file law suits against their suppliers?

This trial also got me thinking of all the high profile cases that the media highlights. Don't the people who attend these trials have jobs or a life in general? How can some of these people attend these trials that go on for months and sometimes years?

Well, I am up early, and I should go back to bed for a couple of hours. If I don't, I will need a nap for sure.

Have a great weekend.
Talk to you soon. The Curley lad

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