Friday, August 13, 2010

Hello on Friday

Dear Friends,

Our Thursday went as planned.

I decided once again that I don’t have the stamina to keep up with Linda when she is shopping mode. While in the middle of shopping yesterday, near the 3 PM hour, I had to go home and take a nap.
I should qualify that this wasn’t a day of clothes shopping. We were in the Lee outlets for 30 minutes for the shoe returns, before we headed back to Pittsfield to do more shopping. This time it was furniture shopping. This lasted a little over an hour. You can’t have new flooring put in without a change in furniture. With Linda, this is never a quick decision. When we first chatted with the one person who was managing this store, he said that he was a “little bored”. Well, he wasn’t bored after an hour and one half with the Curley’s.

We left this store, and we were headed toward Home Depot to check out vanities since one is being replaced due to water damage. Well, I had to use the facilities, and I didn’t think that I could make it to Home Depot especially since some road construction was going to cause a delay. I convinced Linda that we could stop at Home Goods, and she could look at bedding material since we also replaced a tired mattress at the furniture store. As fate would have it, a couple of Home Goods employees were wheeling a beautiful vanity to the front of the store in preparation for this weekend’s Tax Free Saturday and Sunday. The vanity was better than anyone that she was researching at Home Depot. She fell in love with it and bought. We are going back on Saturday, and doing a paper return, and re-purchase the vanity without the sales tax.
The furniture store guy was going to do this for us so that we don’t have to return there on Saturday.

Well, good thing that I took a nap, and didn’t watch the afternoon Red sox Game. The Sox went into the ninth inning with a 5 to 2 lead, and the relievers lost the game. They could have picked up a game on the second place team if they won the game. Oh Darn!

I did get to watch the New England Patriot Preseason Game last night so I did get my dose of sports.

I sat alone at the Polenta Dinner. People invited me to sit at their table, but I chose to be alone. The Polenta dinner was great. The Polenta was creamy, and the sausage and chicken were cooked to perfection. The crowd wasn’t that large, but a good time was had by all. I purchased a dinner to go, and split it into two portions, one of which will be my lunch after golf.

We will be teeing off early this morning because there is a golf tournament at our course today which starts at noon. Linda will have at least 5 hours of peace and quiet. I am not sure what she has planned for me after golf, but I usually take a nap.

I didn’t see any news on the national level that jumped out at me. Things are pretty quiet, which is good.

Well, I have to get to my morning routine, and select my wardrobe for golf.
Have a great weekend.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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