Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hello on Wednesday

Dear Friends,

We had a pleasant day at Edisto Beach on Tuesday. After a breakfast of bacon,
breakfast sausages, and people cooking eggs the way that they wanted them, Linda
and Marilyn made sandwiches for the beach for 6 people. I was the first one to
leave the beach because I wanted to take a nap, which was the first one since we
left Pittsfield over a week ago.
Note -- Not everyone had eggs for breakfast since there is an egg scare in the
United States at the current time. Linda, a former biology teacher, was one of
the people who chose not to have any eggs. All the men had two eggs each, and we
all turned out fine. Marilyn was the only female who had an egg.

My nap worked out so well that I stayed up past 10 PM, and I was even a
participant in a marathon card game which we have never played before. We will
have to finish the game either tonight or tomorrow.

Steve and Raul are teeing off as I type this e-mail. I will be going with the
women this morning for a little recreational shopping and sight seeing in
Charleston, South Carolina. It will be a 50 mile drive from Edisto Beach. The
golfers will meet us for supper in Charleston.

Last night we dined in. Raul cooked steaks on a charcoal grill located outside
our unit. Lee, Raul's wife made oven roasted potatoes. A salad, and some red
wine complimented a great meal.

I do miss my Red Sox even though they aren't getting any closer to a playoff

It is hot and humid each day here in South Carolina. We are in for another day
of 90 degree weather with a chance of an evening thunderstorm.

I do miss the Northeast even though the weather is cooler, and hasn't been so
great the past few days.
Good thing that we have a washer and dryer in our unit. I average a two to three
shirt change per day.

Kris Gerardi, and his daughter, Noelle, arrive tomorrow. I wish him luck on the
5+ hour drive with a 1.5 year old buckled up in a car seat. He is trying to plan
for the child to be taking a nap for a least two hours during the drive. I am
not sure what is going to happen when Noelle wakes up from her nap while Kris is
driving. Ah, the joy of parenting!

Linda and Marilyn are still sleeping. It is just Lee, and me typing away on our

On CNN news I see the typical murder and mayhem throughout the world. It never
changes no matter where you live.

Have a great Wednesday.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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