Monday, August 23, 2010

Hello on Monday Morning

Dear Friends,

Hope that all is well this Monday morning for my daily readers.
I will start off by responding to two of my readers had had inquiries about specific issues, or who commented on my awful night of sleeping on Saturday night in Hotlanta.

First of all the temperatures are in the 90's in Atlanta, and will be so in Edisto Beach for the week. The humidity levels will suck the life out of you in both places. Marilyn has been using the deck here in Edisto Beach as a warming staion since we have the temperature on the first floor so low.
The two couples sleeping above us have set the thermostat higher on their floor. Marilyn had her sweater on the whole time that she was on the first floor which has the kitchen, dinning room table, and a semi living room.
The locals say that May and June are the most comfortable months in the Atlanta region. Could my friend be looking for a second home or a place to go for the winter?

Another reader asked why I didn't tough it out while suffering in Atlanta on Saturday night when the central air died. You don't open windows to a townhouse when the outdoor temperature are greater than than the indoor temperatures. Also there appears to be thunderstorms almost every night that we were in Hotlanta. There was one last evening as we headed off to bed here in Edisto Beach.
The reader was correct that we never had an air conditioner when I was growing up in Lee, Massachusetts. My father had a fan set up in a bedroom hallway window which sucked out most of the summer heat in the family home. Yes we did open up windows, but we didn't have the global warming type of heat which we have been experiencing in the Northeast this summer.
The reader who asked the question doesn't know what it was like unless he went through what Linda and I experienced.

Good thing that we chose the bedroom on the first floor. As I headed off to brush my teeth before going to bed, a 2.5 palmetto bug (like a giant cockroach) went scrambling across the bathroom floor. If Marilyn saw this bug, she would have screamed "bloody murder." She doesn't like any bug of any type at all. She wants to live in a bug free world. Good luck living in your second home in Atlanta!

During the middle of the night (2:30 AM), my sleep apnea device shut off. I thought that it died which could have been a real problem. I fumbled around in the dark, and got it working. I think that the extension cord might have died, or that it might have been an outlet problem. I got it working by a direct plug of the cord from the device into the socket.
We didn't check the alarm in our bedroom. The darn thing went off at 6 AM about two minutes after I got up and was making a pot of coffee. I hope that Linda got back to sleep okay.

We stayed in last night since all of us had long drives. Marilyn's sister brought an eggplant Parmesan, and made a chicken primavera like pasta using bow tie style pasta. A salad, and some Italian bread and red wine made for a wonderful supper. She also brought a cake that a relative made. Life was good last evening!

Since no one is up right now, I am not sure of our plans today. I am pretty sure that we will be going to the beach. The men are booked in for three days of golf, but I left my sneakers in Atlanta. I decided that I am going to play in my "Crocks". How appropriate since the water all over the golf course has alligators living and swimming in those waters.
There was also some talk of us three men paying for a charter boat for 3 hours of ocean fishing.
A day trip to Charleston will take place one day during the week.

I would be whipping up some bacon, eggs, and home fries, and toast but we would have to make a grocery run before that could happen.

There is a washer and dryer on the second floor in our four bedroom unit. I will be using it at some point today. The complimentary clothes washing soap wasn't there when we arrived. This is another thing which we can add to the grocery list.

As my readers can see, "Life is Good" for the Curley's.
Hope that all of you have a great week at work or play.
There is the local police station about 100 yards from our unit.
They also have a 10 PM noise ordinance in the Edisto Beach area.
The area is pretty deserted since the children in South Carolina are back to school already. Any kids at this resort are from the Northeast since school in that region doesn't start until the Labor Day time frame.

Have to grab a second cup of coffee.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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