Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hello on Thursday

Dear Friends,

Another day in South Carolina went well on Wednesday. Two of the males left for
their 8:10 AM tee time while the three women and me leisurely went through our
morning routine until we headed off to Charleston.
The golfers had fun except that they forgot their bug spray, and got eaten alive
by mosquitoes.
The rest of us left the unit as planned at 10 AM. The 1 hour drive to Charleston
was a very pleasant one.
After parking the car, we had a short walk to what used to be a Farmer's Market.
It is a 1/4 mile long straight row of shops with gifts and no food. The
restaurants and extra shopping are on both sides of the market.

The women and I had a wonderful lunch at a place called "The Crab House'. I
stayed for another beer and chatted with the female bartender. She graduated
from college in 2009 with a biology degree. I took the fatherly and teacher
approach to tell her how valuable her degree in biology actually was. I
suggested three paths; teaching, working for a bio tech company, or for a
pharmaceutical company. I also said that if she is willing to move, the Boston
area offers all three positions.

When the golfers arrived, two of the three couples when I a buggy ride tour of a
portion of Charleston. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable. The other couple
deiced to not join us because they were thinking of the Seinfeld movie where
Kramer gave the horse beans as horse food, and the horse passed wind all the way
on one of those rides.

The golfers came to Charlestown, and for supper we ate at a wonderful Italian
Restaurant recommended by a guide from the carriage workers. I gave him a list
of three Italian Restaurants which we were considering. He directed us to a
place called "Gribaldi's". From appetizers through desserts, the food was

By the time we arrived home, we all pretty much so tired that we didn't have the
energy to finish Tuesday's nights card game.
I found out that some people went to the beach last night. They said that there
was a full moon, and that there was a nice breeze (and no bugs). It looks like I
will be going to the beach with them this evening.

I think today will be another beach day. Steve and Marilyn will be waiting for
the arrival of their son and his daughter. The unit will then be complete.
Having a 1.5 year old running around the apartment will be quite a change. I am
hoping that I feel the love between Noelle and me. It wasn't working as we
departed Hotlanta this past Sunday.

It might be another supper on the grill this evening. We are using charcoal
which is a bit different than using the propane grills which we all own in the
Northeast. Food items cook quicker on charcoal, and you can't control the
intensity of the heat.

Our two sons and their children are having a fun time in Kansas, but I think
that it comes to an end today. Kevin, Kyla, and Max fly back to Boston at some
point today. They have been sending Linda and I some pictures of all that they
have been doing; from trips to the Kansas City Zoo, swimming in the pool in
their back yard, swinging, etc. They appeared to have had a fun packed week with
good deal of bonding among the children. This all goes back to my saying;
"Family and friends are what life is all about"!

Well, I only got myself in trouble twice on Wednesday. One was by way of an
e-mail which I sent to some Pittsfield friends who will doing things with an
Irish Sister City Guest who will be arriving from Ballina, Ireland for a
vacation on September 5, 2010. I just reminded people to not over schedule the
guests two week "Vacation". This is not an official Sister City visit; it is
just a person on vacation who we will include in various activities.

The second thing that I got myself in trouble was when I commented on supper;
the time that we should dine and what restaurant that we were going to. I got
over the conflict quickly, but Linda didn't. I wish I could go through life and
not make waves. Today, I am going to go through the day like I had a piece of
duct tape across my mouth. My fingers on a key board are another story.

In a unit next to us, the whole family hooks up workout devices to the rafters
(since all the units are on stilts), and do exercises every morning. The
Patriarch of the family is a retired Army Officer. As we were driving off to our
Wednesday adventure, all the women were exercising including the wife of the
retired officer. Some people pray together, and others exercise together.

Steve and I are the only ones up. He just we out the door for his morning walk.
I am sitting here typing away on my laptop. My fingers are getting a good
workout. Actually my good knee isn't feeling 100 %. I think I twisted some
ligaments in it. Things aren't bad enough that I can walk, but I really do have
to be careful with any kind of twisting motion like getting in and out of a car,
or getting on and off of a bar stool.

This is the best time of the day for me. I love it when I am alone, and don't
have to make idle conversation with anyone.

Well, I have to grab a second cup of coffee, and enjoy the solitude while it
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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