Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hello on Sunday Morning

Dear Friends,

The birthday party / house warming / Saturday cookout went very well. There weren't many leftovers which was a good sign that people enjoyed the food that we worked hard to prepare. The people who traveled the farthest were Kyla's Uncle from Danbury, Connecticut.

If you like children, there were all age groups at the party. The youngest was only a couple of weeks old. The people with children arrived the earliest, and stayed until the mid to late afternoon.
There were also several woman who were pregnant, and will be having their first baby within the next couple of months.

Max was his usual good natured self. People at the party did notice that he loves to be held by Grandpa Curley. I think he thinks that I am like a big teddy bear who needs a lot of hugs.

As I look out onto the grounds at this early hour of the morning, I see multiple hours of clean up work before everything returns to normal. I have to return some items which we borrowed from the Broduer's like platters of all varieties, cooler's, and the barrel which was used to hold the keg of beer.

I see where the Clinton wedding went very well. I would have loved to have been present at that affair. I have attended some weddings that were very expensive to put on, but $3 million dollars is a bit much. 400 wedding guests to take care of must have been quite a task. If they had an open bar, most of us couldn't even afford to pay that bill!

I am going to take care of Max when he wakes up to give everyone else a chance to sleep longer.
Kevin's high school friend from Pittsfield is the only one who slept overnight, but not at Kevin & Kyla's. It might have been at the home of an unattached female.

Well, I have to hydrate myself after a day of fun and merriment.

Both Kevin and Kyla are up now. Max and I were up first. He is almost ready for someone to make him breakfast.

I am hoping that Linda sleeps as long as she wants because she has been working so hard over the past few days.

Red Sox -- I just got through watching the highlights of the Red Sox game. I didn't watch a moment of the game.
The Sox won with a clutch hit by David Ortiz. Could Ortiz be back to his clutch hitting ways? The Yankees beat Tampa Bay which helps the Sox in the hunt for a wild card slot.

I am not sure of our exit strategy. We definitely can't leave until everything in the yard is all picked up, and the borrowed items returned to the Brodeur's. We do have the option of staying overnight, and leaving in the morning.

Danielle said that the separation of us leaving Isabelle when we left Kansas on Tuesday was difficult. It was difficult for Linda and I to say "Goodbye" too. A trip in mid October could be the next time that we fly out to Kansas.

Well, I have to get to work.

Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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