Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hello on Saturday Morning

Dear Friends,

The best part of golf on Friday was that our foursome finished a round of golf in three hours and 15 minutes. Our team played the whole round without waiting at all. You might think that we ran around the golf course (we were in golf carts), but we played at a steady pace. We still lost the maximum of $3 per person, but the four of us blended quite nicely.
I will be missing the next two Friday’s due to previous commitments.

Linda kept her self busy while I was on the golf course. We had some of the leftovers from the polenta dinner which I purchased the night before at the ITAM for lunch. The Polenta just wasn’t the same as when it was made fresh.

I did go down for an afternoon nap. I thought that Linda would go off and do errands, but she decided to stay home a read a book, and just relax.

I did forget to mention that she did have fun at the 65th birthday party for a colleague on Thursday night while I was at the ITAM. The host made appetizers to “die for” as they sipped champagne and congratulated the birthday girl.

I also failed to mention that August 13 was Michael and Danielle’s anniversary. This was the date of their second wedding when Danielle got to wear her wedding gown. If all of you remember, they did one of those “drive by” weddings in a Las Vegas Chapel a year or so earlier because Danielle was going to be sent off to Iraq to help take down Saddam Hussein.

Also, this Sunday Michael becomes another year older. It is difficult to imagine that we will have a son who is going to be 37 years old. Does this mean that Linda and I are getting pretty old too? Yes, it does!

My Red Sox let me down again last night. They had a chance to gain on the second place team in their division which lost their game earlier in the evening. You would think that 9 runs would be enough to win the game, but not with the bullpen that the Red Sox have. I am almost ready to give up on the Red Sox for this year!

Linda has set her alarm, and we are going off to Home Depot at 8 AM this morning to shop for things like faucets, towel, and toilet paper holders which go with our new vanity. Yes, I know that this doesn’t sound very interesting, but we didn’t want to fight the crowds on this Tax Free weekend in the State of Massachusetts.
We saw so many people scouting items that they were going to purchase this weekend earlier in the week.
A friend has already decided to replace his refrigerator with a new one, and give his current one to a daughter and her boyfriend who purchased a duplex several months ago.
Any spare funds that the Curley’s have, will be going into the extra’s which we are doing as the house is being restored to what it was before the water damage.
I would love to get a new grill, some air conditioners for the first floor, have fans installed in all the bedrooms, install wood floors in parts of the house not damaged by water, etc., but we would have to win the lottery to do so.

I am also going off to purchase some hot dogs for the Senior Club Championship which my friend and I are cooking for on Monday. The previous chairperson will be ordering the hamburgers and corn on the cob.
The peppers and onions need to be purchased, and cut up before this weekend is over too. We will cook them fresh on Monday morning

We had a problem with our Dell Laptop, and Linda solved that problem too. The battery wasn’t charging so Linda purchased a replacement on line. The replacement battery didn’t solve the problem. She went to a friend’s home yesterday, and used a power cord from her laptop. The old battery started charging like it is supposed to. She then she had to go back on line and order a new power cord. The battery which she purchased will be mailed back at some point today.

Social Calendar – There is a Family Picnic at the Italian American Club starting at noon. We might stop by for lunch. I think that they are charging $5 per person.
It is film night at Tanglewood this evening. A few days a go, I had no desire to attend the function, but I have mellowed over the past few days. I am not sure if the usual suspects are planning on going.

Today, I would normally be attending a clambake for another baseball pool sponsored by the American Legion Post (I am not a member of this post since I have had no military service). A former colleague and veteran said that there weren’t enough people who signed up for the usual two charts of baseball pools signups so they only have one group attending the clambake. Oh Darn!

Well, I know that it is early, and that I should be sleeping, but I woke up thinking about how the Red Sox lost last nights’ game, and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I don’t know why I can lose sleep over a baseball game, but I just do.

Have to do some quiet activities until the Queen wakes up.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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