Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hello on Thursday

Dear Friends,
It was a long day for Franny at the golf course while helping out at the UNICO Golf Tournament. I arrived at the course at 6 AM, and never left until 8:30 PM.
The weather for the day was picture perfect. There was much food, fun , and merriment as we served the morning round breakfast sandwiches, and lunch. The afternoon round enjoyed lunch too before they teed off at 1 PM.
All of the golfers were then served a prime rib dinner at the awards, raffle, and silent auction. The golf chairperson zipped through the raffle at an auctioneer’s pace, and the night ended at 8:19 PM.
I went home and went right to bed to watch the Red Sox game, but as usual, I fell asleep as the Red Sox bats came alive.

For the second time this week, I was in bed by the time Linda came home from her activity filled day. This means that today I will get a two day summary before we go off to the Lee Outlets. Linda bought me some shoes the other day while doing a little recreational shopping this weekend, and one pair needs to be returned. I have to be there to replace the ones which don’t fit.

Tonight we are going in separate directions. I think that she will be attending an all girls’ birthday party for a former colleague of ours.
I will be off to the ITAM for a 6:30 PM Polenta Dinner. There is still room at my reserved table if any of my local readers want to join me.

It will be cloudy, but a comfortable day with respect to the humidity which is on the decease. There is a chance of what they call pop up showers.

The Red Sox did win their game, and inched a little closer to the Wild Card spot since the Tampa Rays lost their game. The Yankees keep rolling along.

Observation – I was thinking about the Mosque that they are trying to put next to the former Twin Towers site in New York City. I was wondering how my readers felt about the situation. I think that I am going to take the position to not allow the Mosque to be built at that site. We are the Country formed upon the principle of religious freedom, but I am not sure if it applies in this case. The argument by the proponents is that it will show that not all Muslims are terrorists. This is not a strong argument in my mind. The terrorists will treat it as a victory even if they never enter the Mosque in their life time. The terrorists caused a lot of death and destruction when they blew up the twin towers. A Mosque at that site would just add an “insult to injury”!

Well, I have to read the local newspaper, and do some quiet activities out in the flower beds.
I will give the queen a little time to wake up before we head off to do some errands.
Have a great Thursday!
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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