Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hello on Saturday Morning

Dear Friends,

Another day went as planned.

There is still room for improvement in my golf game. The weather was wonderful on the course. The elder gentleman in our foursome played the best, and helped us to lose only $2 instead of three.

I met Linda for lunch at the Country Club. We each had a healthy salad. After lunch I went home to take a nap so that I could make it through the Red Sox Game. Linda went off looking at items for the house which need to be replaced because of our water damage.

For supper we hooked up with another couple, and went off to Papa Joe’s for pizza. All of their pizzas were on sale for one fixed price of $9.99. This included pizza of all sizes and toppings. Their specialties pizzas were included which normally cost $17.99 for an extra large size. We ordered two pizzas, and ended up taking some home.

Well, the Red Sox won the first game of the series against the Red Sox. They gained a little ground on the first place Yankees, and the seconds place Tampa Rays who lost their game last night. The Yankees probably never saw so many players for the Red Sox which they have never seen before. One of the rookies for the Sox hit his first home run of his career last night in Yankees Stadium. Do you think that he might remember that one?
I think that the Sox are on national television this afternoon.

As soon as I end this e-mail, I will be going into baking mode. A little noise in the kitchen, and the pleasant smells of 2 Irish Soda Breads, and the Irish Whiskey Cake baking is the only thing that could possibly wake Linda up.

Social Calendar – I have a clam bake today at the Italian American Club. It starts at noon, and I am staying until the end. The clambake is for a 16 run pool which I entered for a fee before the baseball season started. They will have the usual hot dogs, hamburgers, hot and sweet sausage patties, raw clams for lunch as well as all the salads which go along with a picnic. For supper they will have steak, corn on the cob, and steamed clams. Since I am allergic to clams, I won’t be getting near those babies.
We play a little horse shoes and BOCCE for our physical activities. It will be a great day weather wise for a picnic.

Linda decided to hook up with one girlfriend for some recreational shopping during the day. In the evening she invited her shopping girlfriend to go out with a few more female friends to either to see a play or go to the movies. I am so happy for Linda!

Well, the humidity left the Berkshires last evening. It was so wonderful to shut off the air conditioners, and let Mother Nature cool down the house. Linda’s friend, who is always cold didn’t really like the change at all. She would rather have the heat. She wouldn’t do well in our house if we had central air conditioning because we would set the temperatures so low that this woman would be in long pants and a sweater for sure in the middle of summer. Hazy, hot, and humid are the three most dreaded words for Linda and I.

Observation – I see where California reversed the law on the legality of gay marriages. It doesn’t bother me one bit that two people who love each other have the right to get married. The people who believe that marriage should be a man and woman relationship to be able to call it marriage can have their opinion, but I say you can’t discriminate when it comes to relationships, healthcare, visitation rights when a partner is in the hospital, etc.
The Catholic Church doesn’t agree with this position, but look what happened to all those priests who might not have gotten in trouble if they were allowed to have a companion whether the person was the same sex or not.
Also, the Church treats a gay person as someone who has an illness. The Church can’t believe that a person can biologically wired that way. Every one of us knows someone who is gay, and the ones whom Linda and I know are wonderful people.
I say live and let live. The gay people don’t want to take over the world. They just want a right to happiness just like us heterosexuals.

Well, the kitchen is calling me.
Have a great weekend.
The Curley’s have a great start on the weekend

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