Friday, February 24, 2012

Dear Friends,

Yesterday was a spring like day in the Berkshires. The neighborhood children were riding their bicycles, and playing basketball in their driveways. Everyone seemed to be outside enjoying the weather.
Today we are in a winter storm watch until 6 PM, but any snow that we do pick up will be minimal according to the weather people.

The nice weather did cause a problem for two ice-fishermen on Lake Saratoga located in Saratoga, New York. As the two guys were fishing, the thin ice on the shoreline turned into water. They called 911, and a rescue team came with an air boat, and got the men safely off of the ice. After my ice-fishing adventure on Monday on Pontoosuc Lake, I soon realized that it was time to put away the ice-fishing gear for this season. Some people must be slow learners.

Another State gave the okay for same sex marriages. Maryland is now part of a handful of States which allow same sex marriages. Same sex marriage began in Massachusetts.

News -- I see where the Taliban are killing their own people in Iraq by way of bombing incidents.

The Arab nations are arming the rebels in Syria. Are we Americans heading into another conflict in the Middle East.

An Alabama judge threw out the case of the honeymoon couple where the husband was accused of killing his wife during a scuba dive.

The cost cutting measure of U.S. Postal Service has employees shaking in their boots. 35,000 people could be losing their job.

The daily increase in gasoline prices is being seriously looked at. There appears to be a connection between Wall Street speculators, and Big Banks. This is another example of the rich getting richer at the expense of the little guy.

The military helicopters crashing into one another during a training exercise in Yuma, Arizona, where 7 people got killed, is another example of
the danger that our men and women in the military go through on daily basis.

Update on Dad - After our family meeting at the nursing home yesterday, my sister and I decided to get dad out of the nursing home. My sister has agreed to have dad stay at her house. The time frame which was established was an 11 AM Monday morning home visitation with dad, the nursing home therapist for a home evaluation. The therapist will tell my sister what her house needs to take care of dad. On Wednesday, dad will be discharged from the nursing home at 1:30 PM. Yes, my sister and I are aware how difficult it is to take care of loved one with so many issues, but my sister thinks that she can make it happen and make a difference in dad's life. Dad's mental health is not in question. A friend visited dad during the late afternoon on Thursday. My friend's exact words was the "your father is entertaining the troops!" Of Course, my father was upbeat because he knows that he won't be in the nursing home for too much longer.

Social Calendar -- Linda and I had a pleasant day on Thursday. I weaved in an afternoon nap after my nursing home visit. Linda went off to a Thursday Knitting group gathering at Dottie's Coffee Shop from 3 PM until 5 PM.
We had a coordinated supper since Linda and I had no evening commitments. We had a pork loin, cheese mashed potatoes, and an artichoke. The early season artichoke was not that good. Linda went into domestic goddess mode earlier in the day and whipped up a bread pudding which was super. A dollop of whipped cream on a micro wave heated piece of bread pudding made for a great dessert.

This morning Linda has her Pittsfield High School retiree breakfast at 8:30 AM. This is normally a female event, but I joined the ladies last month, and I am seriously thinking of doing so today. Another male, who was the head custodian at the school which I taught at might join us too. I am really going to try to not flail my arms and dominate the conversation. I will try and be a good listener. Yeah Right!

We are heading to the Shamrock for supper and Keno this evening. We are meeting a friend around 5 PM at the bar. It won't be a long night for me because it will be a long day for me on Saturday. I will be in the kitchen a little after 8 AM to help prepare for the Women's Imaging Center Polenta and Venison dinner. It takes a lot of effort to serve over 350 guests.
My day will not end after we serve the people. I will go home and take a quick shower, and Linda and I will head off to the Polish Falcon Hall. The band Whiskey City will be playing from 9 PM until midnight.

Sports -- Linsanity didn't happen last night. Jeremy Lin and his New York Knicks played one of the top teams in the NBA. Jeremy got a dose of what it is like to play with the big boys!

Well, I have to read the local newspaper, and get ready for the Retirees' Breakfast.
Have a great day!
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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