Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hello on Saturday

Dear Friends,

I hope that you all had a pleasant start to the weekend on Friday. Our day almost went as planned.

I left the house first, and went off to my 8:45 AM medical appointment, but I never arrived home until noon. The medical appointment was done in about 15 minutes, but I had a lot of errands to do including my last stop at Retro Fitness. The beautiful people, who I was expecting to see, weren’t there. It was the weightlifters, and people my age or older. It was like being at the geriatric Olympics. I did see one of these senior friends who wanted to talk, but he saw that I had ear buds in and he figured that I wanted to be left alone.
I guess I convinced myself that the 4:30 AM time is the best time for me to go to Retro Fitness. Most of the people are half a sleep and they don’t like to get into long winded conversations. This is the way I feel when I go to Retro Fitness. I have my own little routine, and I like to do that routine without any interruptions.
Now if I was single, and I was looking for a female to hook up with, my attitude and approach would change.

When I arrived home, Linda was no where to be found. I guess I missed that she had another mid morning body maintenance procedure. After her procedure, she hooked up with here girlfriend; did lunch, and spent the afternoon shopping. I took an afternoon nap; did a load of clothes when I woke up, and finished reading another book on my IPad. Linda never arrived home until 5 PM. When she walked in the door, I had a feeling that she would be exhausted. She was so tired and she wanted to sit on her butt; do some knitting, and watch some of her previously recorded programs. I was psyched for going out somewhere, but it didn’t happen last night.

I grabbed some vegetables and some dip, and went down into my Man Cave and watched the Celtics loose to one of the worst teams in the league.

After last night’s kind of boring Friday night, from my perspective, I have decided that me repeating that situation will not happen again.

Retro Fitness doesn’t open until 6 AM on the weekends. When Linda wakes up, I will head off to the gym.

Politics – Our United States intelligence community is trying to determine whether the successor to the position of the leader North Korean people is dead or alive. If you remember, the son took over the leadership role when his 69 year old father died several months ago. I think that the son had a little more compassion for his people, and the tight fisted military of North Korea had no patience for a loving Despot!
There is still a lot of blood shed going on in Syria, but NATO voted not to intervene. The citizens who are being shot at and killed in Syria are asking for help from NATO and the United States.
Iran is touting their Nuclear capabilities too while all this unrest is taking place.
While this is taking place, the United States is trying to make military cuts. Not Good!
Mexico is still making drugs for the addicted citizens of the United States which is also troubling. The Mexican Police and military did interrupt a token Meth Lab the other day. When they arrived at the lab, not one bad guys was there. Oh Darn!

I see where President Obama changed the health care policy to appease the Catholics and the Catholic Church.

The Republican candidates are still “duking” it out as they go from State to State. I wonder who my fence sitter, semi conservative and Independent friends, will be voting for in the next Presidential election.

I was also thinking of all the awards nights that the people in the entertainment business have. Do these multi millionaires’ ever stop patting themselves on their backs? The cost of all those galas and the cost of the outfits that the women wear, etc., could do a lot help out to the not so fortunate citizens in our country. A few bucks to every food pantry in the United State would be a good starting place.

On the local scene, the accident which occurred at the end of our street in early December is on the front page of our local newspaper this morning. I feel bad for the driver, and the victim. The driver must be having trouble trying living with herself since she and her family are really nice people. The victim on the other hand is still suffering from his injuries. I saw in yesterday’s paper that they were doing a fundraiser for the guy at a nearby restaurant. The case is still in the court system as I type this email. A civil suit might be the next step according to the victim’s lawyers’.

There is a little light snow falling right now. A dusting to a couple of inches is forecasted. It will be cold on Sunday, but I decided that I will be attending the local Jimmy Fund Ice-Fishing Derby. A good deal of people who are on the Pittsfield Jimmy Fund Committee, and who I know will be working the event, will be there. I might not bring my ice- fishing gear, but I do the socialization part of the derby quite well. The cost is $15 dollars, and there is usually a bunch of raffle items. The fee covers the food at the event, hot dogs, hamburgers, and clam chowder which I can’t eat because of my allergy to clams! The tournament goes from 6 AM until 2 PM so that I will still have time to do a little studying for my SafeServ exam on Tuesday night.

Social Calendar – Nothing is booked in for the moment, but that might change. I would be happy to put something in the Crock Pot, and just stay home today!

Have a great weekend!
Talk to you soon. The Curley lad

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