Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hello on Saturday

Dear Friends,

There is no place like home!

We left Kevin, Kyla, Max, and his sister Piper Lee around 10:30 AM on Friday, but we didn’t go directly home when we got back to Pittsfield. Linda made a decision to do any Super Bowl shopping on Friday instead of today. She said that she didn’t want to face the huge crowds that will be in every grocery store in Pittsfield today. She didn’t have her grocery list with her, but she did pretty well without it.

We had about an hour to unpack the car, put away the groceries, check the mail, and freshened up before we headed out the door at 5 PM. We went off to the Shamrock Restaurant and Pub, and hung out with the Friday night bar flys until 8 PM. After several hours of food, fun, and merriment and playing KENO, we went off to a birthday party at Lach’s Lounge in downtown Pittsfield. The birthday party was for one of our Irish Sister City female friends. She reached the age of 59, but she is a young looking 59 year old person. We had more food, fun, and merriment at Lach’s Lounge before Linda decided to drive me home. I remember my head hitting the pillow around midnight.

Lach’s Lounge is an amazing place where you can find every ethnic group that you can think of. The place is managed by an African American man who has a heart of gold. They had a D.J. last night with a white guy keeping an eye on the back door, and a huge African American guy taking care of the front door. Many bars in town have problems with fights, etc., but not this one. About half way through the party, in walk’s several of my former African American students. As soon as they saw me they yelled “Mr. Curley’! After we did the usual “Hello’s”, they had me up dancing. At one point, they asked me if they could take a picture of me with them in the picture. They asked if they could post the picture over the internet. I am somewhere in cyber space at this very moment. Linda played some kind of electronic bowling device with a large group of people as I was socializing with most of the people in the place.

I can’t spend a lot of time babbling on my daily blog this morning. Linda left a list on the counter of Super Bowl related items for me to do. I have to take a nap today because we have another busy evening coming up. We are going to supper with another couple at 5 PM to start our evening activities. We then head off to the Liam Geddes’ Concert at the Barrington Stage which starts at 7 PM. The evening doesn’t end after the concert because we are heading off to a house party right after the concert.

Super Bowl Sunday is pretty much set at least mentally for Linda and me. Of course, we met some friends last night who said that they had no where to go on Super Bowl Sunday so we said that they might as well come to our house. The last head count for the Curley Super Bowl party was somewhere around 25 people, and the list was still growing. My Man Cave will be rocking on Super Bowl Sunday.

I just checked the Curley Social Calendar for Monday, and we have absolutely nothing booked in. Most of our employed friends and me agree that the day after Super Bowl Sunday should be a National Holiday. We know that many of our Super Bowl guests will leave a little after half time because they have to report to work on Monday morning. I can’t imagine that I made it through the Monday after the Super Bowl for 36 years. It is nice to know that Linda and I could stay in our sleepwear all day long on Monday.

Well, I have to get to work on the 6 item plus list that Linda made for me.
Have a great weekend!
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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