Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hello on Thursday

Dear Friends,

Another day in Curley World went as planned. There were only a couple bumps along the road as we made it through the day! Of course, I caused the bumps, but that is not new!

Linda spent several hours listening and purchasing some items in the WBRK Radio Auction while I was off visiting dad, and while I was doing multiple errands.

Dad was amazingly normal. They way he was, you would think that he could be back in his own home. He appeared to be the way he was before all the falls took place. The nursing home is still working on his leg strengthening. My sister is still working hard to get her house set up for an inspection with respect to grab bars, etc., to hopefully transition dad from the nursing home, to her house, and eventually to Dad’s home in Lee. My father really wants to get out of the nursing home. 100 plus days is enough!

There were two bumps along the road, but I will only relay one story. I purchased a 10 pound bag of my favorite Chicken Leg quarters. I took out a couple for my Chicken Novena, and the rest I used my Food Saver Seal a Meal device, and I froze the rest. I used the Food Saver device on the kitchen counter. Everything was going smoothly as I was dealing with the chicken during the mid afternoon. Just before Linda left for her 6 pm Panera Bread Knitting group gathering, she lights a Yankee Candle on the stove to hopefully mask the smell of cooked chicken. So far so good, and everything was going as planned. She comes home from knitting and she doesn’t smell chicken grease which was another good sign. She notices that the plug in air freshener has successfully masked the chicken smell. She evened used the word “fragrant” as she entered the house. Well, this sense that everything was perfect disintegrated in a heartbeat. The outlet that I used to seal up the extra chicken had the plug in air freshener in it, and it cover up both sockets. I had to unplug the air freshener, so that I could use the Food Saver Seal a Meal device. When I finished sealing the chicken, I put the air freshener in the outlet, but unknowingly I put it in upside down. The liquid in the air freshener dripped for several hours on the counter. Neither of us saw the mess until Linda came home from Knitting. She discovered it because she went to get her favorite mug which had a cover and have a cup of tea. She sees the puddle of the air freshener, and the sticky mess that the liquid caused. She noticed that the air freshener was in upside down. To add insult to injury, some of the air freshener got on the cover of her favorite coffee mug. I decided that it was best fro me to leave the kitchen, and watch my sporting contest in another room of the house. I left the kitchen as she was cleaning up the mess as well as ranting and raving about my stupidity. Oh Darn!

I just returned from Retro Fitness. The same 4:30 AM people are there almost every day. More people come in at 5 AM, but I exit the place at 5:30 AM. I have a couple sets of friends who bought year memberships when they were on sale for $89, but they haven’t started going to the facility. I must admit that I don’t kill myself using the various machines, but I do keep some body parts moving. I usually watch the Food Channel from 4:30 AM until 5 AM when I am on a treadmill. This program reminds me of what I am missing by being at Retro Fitness!

While at Retro Fitness on Wednesday, I met the organizer of the Women’s Imaging Polenta / Venison Dinner which UNICO will be preparing on February 25, 2012. The organizer said that he put tickets on sale right after New Year’s, and they tickets were gone in a couple of days. People will be sitting in the Bar area too because the Ballroom is all sold out. Some people do purchase tickets, and don’t attend the function. As of this moment, we will be serving over 350 people. Some people who have not made reservations will show up at the door, and they will not be turned away. Our Irish Sister City Committee President will be volunteering as the D.J. for the event. I am the Vice-President of the Sister City Committee, but I will be Italian that day.

Social Calendar – I have my last Physical Therapy Session at 10 AM today. Linda doesn’t have to move her body until her Book Club Dinner Meeting at friend’s home this evening. She will be going to one of those McMansion types of houses. This sometimes is a bad idea because the women can then go back home and find deficiencies in their own homes.
Linda also has her shopping buddy back for a few days. She flew in from Atlanta to see her elderly Mom who lives in Pittsfield. She will be in town for a few days before she heads back to Atlanta. She will be here fore the really cold days on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday we might not reach 20 degrees for the high of the day. The weather rebounds next week.

The Jimmy Fund Ice-Fishing Derby looks iffy for me participating in it. I usually don’t go ice fishing unless the temperatures are 25 degrees or above with little or no wind. Like I said before, I am not going out on the ice without a coating of snow on it. I don’t need to fall on the bare ice and hurt my body. I am going to therapy for an issue with one leg, and some neck problems. Linda said that she is done taking care of me. She worked her butt off as my caregiver when I had quadriceps tendon surgery in January of 2006. She would ship me off to a nursing home before taking on the role of a Home Health Care provider.

Well, I have to read the local newspaper, and relax a little before going off to therapy. I think that Linda wants me to be invisible today once again, but you know that that won’t happen.

Have a great day at work or play!
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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