Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hello on Tuesday

Dear Friends,

We pretty much had the Monday which Linda wanted the day after Super Bowl Sunday. I only drove her crazy a couple of times during the day.

The first time was when I left the house in pursuit of my missing drivers’ license. I remember taking the license out of my wallet at local grocery to show an I.D. to purchase alcoholic beverages for our Super Bowl Party. I remember stuffing the card in a pocket of my cargo pants, and not in my wallet. When were out on the multiple days partying until midnight, I also remember stuffing bills in and out of my pockets after receiving change from a beverage purchases. I checked all over the house and car as well as in coats and jackets and sweatshirts that I was wearing. I checked my laundry basket too, but I never found the license. I went off to check to see if anyone turned in the license at the various places that I went to since the first grocery store, but I came up empty. I finally ended up at the Registry of Motor Vehicles, and purchased a duplicate license. This little mistake was a $25 dollar one. Linda chastised me for not having patience when I purchase items at any store to take the time to return such items like a debit card, license, etc., back into my wallet before walking away! Oh Darn!

The second item was when I hauled a box of empty bottles and cans left over from our party from my Man Cave to the garage. I left a trail of sticky spots of liquids from the furnace room in my man cave, across the floor in the Man Cave which I had just washed with the wet swiffer, up the carpeted stairs, and across the first floor to the garage. Linda thinks that I do these things just to drive her crazy, but I guess that it comes down to me doing things without thinking. This is not a new revelation!

Observation – I notice that there is quite a difference when Linda washes her clothes (which she did on Monday), and when I wash mine, Her clothes come out so good, it looks like she ironed them. Her delicates she hangs on a clothes rack. When I wash my clothes, they come out wrinkled just as much as when I took them from the laundry basket. I try putting my non dryer clothes on the drying rack, but they still come out wrinkled. Once again, I don’t have the patience to calmly play with the clothes before I put them on the drying rack. I wonder if there was some way that I could talk Linda into washing my clothes too. Maybe I will try and be a little more patient when I wash a couple of loads of my clothes today.

I will not be watching the New York Giant Super Bowl Parade down the streets of Manhattan today.

As a matter of fact, I watched no Blah, Blah, Blah, sports’ programs at all on Monday.
One of the Boston teams are playing this evening so I won’t have to hear replays of the Patriots’ failure of winning the Super Bowl for a second time against the New York Giants.

Our next door neighbor middle school girl rang our doorbell after she got out of school on Monday to pick up the cash from the Curley Super Bowl football pool. The $34 dollars which she won made her one happy girl!

Linda is off to her normal Tuesday session of Mah Jongg today. I have to return a whole bunch of empty bottles and cans at the grocery store where my license fiasco first happened.
Linda also left me instructions of setting up the ingredients of beef stroganoff supper. The beef with all the necessary spices will be cooked in the crock pot, and the noodles will be prepared just before we are ready to eat.

World News and Politics – It was kind of clam on the news front today when I skimmed CNN on line.
On the local scene, a bunch of young adults are finally getting their day in court. They knocked over 200 grave stones (many from the 1800’s), and pulled up American flags in the Pittsfield cemetery last Spring. They will be getting jail time, and then have to get jobs to pay back costs associated with repairing the stones.

I did see where a small town in Pennsylvania is claiming that the process of Fracking to get at natural gas supplies has caused pollution in their water supply system. Besides putting up Wind Mills in Berkshire County which I am against, I don’t believe that Fracking is an environmentally safe way of getting natural gas from the ground. The companies who do the Fracking claim that the process is a safe one. Yeah Right!

Super Bowl Commercials – There was only a couple that Linda and I really liked. I don’t understand how and why companies can pay advertising firms to create these elaborate television commercials, and we as the consumers can’t figure out what product that they are selling. I like it when the average person(s) create the advertisement, and their commercials become a winner. Maybe these companies should have contests where all the commercials are created by average people. We have such a large number of creative people out there who could do a much better job at coming up with Super Bowl Commercials. These companies would save a great deal of money if they used the great ideas of these creative individuals.

Well, I have to do some quiet activities, and some chopping and dicing before I head out the door to return the bottles and cans. I also have to get back to studying my ServSafe Manual. I spent and hour or so yesterday, but I will need to spend a lot more hours studying before the test next Tuesday.

Have a great Tuesday!
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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