Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hello on Pearl Harbor Day

Dear Friends,

The first full day of babysitting went very well. We were both a bit tired when our heads hit the pillow last night. My head actually hit the pillow during the morning when Max and I took a morning nap. We both slept from a little after 9 AM until 11:30 AM. We both woke up refreshed. We did try and take an afternoon nap, but Max’s internal plumbing woke him and me up before we got any rest.

Anyone that thinks that people in their 60’s would be good at childrearing has to be absolutely nuts. I suppose if the person was rich and could hire a nanny to do the daily chores of child rearing, it wouldn’t be so difficult. Max is like an explorer, who has to touch and experience everything without any fear. As an example, our television in the family room is at toddler level. He likes to drive his cars on the screen of the television. If he sees a cartoon character, he thinks that he can touch the character. Linda had to take out the Windex before she went to bed to get the tire tracks, and the finger prints off of the screen. Anything that has a dial or a button on it, Max likes to touch. If you are watching a program with him, and you don’t react quickly enough, you will lose the picture, lose the sound, or have your ears blasted out of the room, etc. All these things that I am telling you are what toddlers are born to do. I guess we forgot how much work that it takes to raise active children. We have kept him away from out two four foot decorated trees. If we ever left the room, the decorations on the tree would be altered.

Max has been eating so well. Linda gave him a bath last evening. She put in some plastic ware in the bath water. Some were like cups, and he started to drink the bath water. It looks like we better get some bath toys for Max.

We did leave the house and went off to Walmart looking for some winter boots for our grandchild. They had none in his size. We will have to go back to Target, and buy the pair that we had our hands on. The boots are necessary because we have 3 o 4 inches of snow from the lake effect snows, and I want to take him sliding in our front yard at some point today. All toddlers need a lot of fresh air to help burn off all the energy that they have in their bodies.

We did purchase some car like toys for Max. That kept him entertained for a little while. There is actually enough stuff in any house that will keep him entertained. I have been trying to keep him away from the wine rack. He doesn’t touch the wine bottles, but he does like to touch the hanging wine glasses. He touches them, and the glasses tinkle like chimes.

Maybe I should put crime scene tape all around the house to protect the items which are breakable.

The crock pot Beef Stroganoff turned out very good. Max didn’t care for it, but Linda anticipated that this might happen. She is so good at feeding children with food that that they will just gobble up. As a matter of fact, our refrigerator and the freezer part of the refrigerator are exploding with food designed for a growing boy.

Speaking of the crock pot, I have it fired up once again. Today is pasta night. I have a crock pot full of sausages, one onion, and peppers swimming in a red sauce. It should be wonderful at supper time. I might whip up a loaf of bread in my bread machine when Max is taking a nap.

How about those Patriots? All the people who hate anything to do with Boston Sports went to bed unhappy last night. I watched every minute of the game. All the hype about the game turned out to be a waste of the sports writers’ breaths. Yes, I realize that it is only one game of a long season, but the Patriots are heading in the right direction. The Jets got out coached and out played.

I was thinking that if Belechik was in the corporate world, he would be an asset to any company. He is a man of very few words. He can motivate a team which is made up of 50 % rookies to perform like veterans. His preparation is truly amazing. If you beat him once, he would not let you do it again. He makes adjustments before, and during the game so that you can’t figure out what he is throwing at you. He will give you a chance to do what you are supposed to do, and let you know if you don’t do it right, and he will give you praise if you are successful. Isn’t this what a company wants in a leader?

I think that I might go out and purchase some New York newspapers today. I would like to see how they write up the embarrassing loss by the New York Jets.

Belechik will have his team back at work today. They will be preparing for their weekend opponent, the Chicago Bears.

How about the College Mascot who got thrown out of the game for throwing snowballs? The Police asked him to stop throwing the snowballs. He didn’t, and the Mascot was kicked out of the Stadium. The team did have a back up Mascot.

Linda has her Tuesday Mah Jongg session today. I will be in charge of Max alone. Maybe we can take an afternoon nap at the same time to help take some of the pressure off of me.

There aren’t many of the Pearl Harbor veterans left in the Untied States. Even though I wasn’t even born when it happened on December 7, 1941, I will never forget that day.

Well, I have to squeeze in a cup of coffee before Max wakes up.

Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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