Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hello on Tuesday

Dear Friends,

Our Monday went as planned with no bumps along the road.

I am up early today because my body needs a light workout at Retro Fitness. I will be there with the 4:30 AM crowd.

My UNICO meeting went well last night. There are so many UNICO events for the month of January all lined up that I will be very busy. Some events I will miss because Linda and I are planning to head out to Kansas to see our other two grandchildren and their parents during the middle of January.
Of course, there are several UNICO events lined up for this month both before and after Christmas.

While Linda is out with her book club girlfriends on Wednesday night at an Italian Restaurant, I will be working a pizza party at the Italian American Club for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization. I have to show up at 3 PM. We buy the pizza shells from a local bakery, but we put on the ingredients, and cook and serve the pizzas. We usually have ice cream for dessert.
The next day I am booked into a Salvation Army Bell Ringing event at Walmart. My shift goes from 3 PM until 5 PM.

Social Calendar – I have an eye appoint today at 11:30 PM. Linda will be going with me because her Tuesday Mah Jongg session had a few sick players, and others who had those “Can’t miss” meetings.
I want to squeeze in a short afternoon nap before we head off to a 6 PM Irish Sister City Christmas Party at the home of one of our members. It should be a fun time. Our grab bag gifts are all set.

Politics / The Learning Channel – After my meeting last night, I sat down with Linda to watch a program which Linda recorded. It was called “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” If you were a gun toting life long member of the NRA (National Rifle Association) or like hunting and fishing, you would vote for Sarah as our next President. On this program, Sarah went on an Elk hunt with her Dad, and a guide. They were flown into the wilderness by a plane that could only have one person in the plane at a time besides the pilot. They slept in tents. They walked miles to find the elusive Elk. Sarah did shoot an Elk. They showed them cutting up the Elk, packaging up the meat, and eventually putting the meat in the refrigerator / freezer when they arrived home.
I tried to visualize the wives in our circle of friends being like a Sarah Palin with respect to going hunting, shooting an animal, carving it up, sleeping in the wilderness in tents with wolves, and bears nearby, but none of our female friends appear to be that type of person. We do have some friends who do go hiking, kayaking, biking, and aren’t afraid to sleep in a tent, but they have no firearms in their homes of any type in their homes except for a pellet gun to shoot garden pests.

Sports – Brett Farve was on the injured list for last night’s football game that was moved from Minnesota to Detroit. His streak of starting almost 300 consecutive games came to an end. His career should end also.

Have a great Tuesday.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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