Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hello on Thursday

Dear Friends,

Another day went as planned except that my outside light deer didn’t fair well during the rain and the wind which occurred through most of the day. Even though the deer are staked down, the rain softened the soil so much that the stakes had no affect of keeping them upright.

I also had to go out several times and chase light garbage bags that kept blowing down the street. Keeping our three garbage cans upright was also a challenge since they garbage collection guys never get to picking up our garbage until the middle of the afternoon.

Linda and I started our day in the garage once again. I was the bucket man. Linda had to go through several labeled buckets of Christmas decorations before she decided which stuff she was going to use. She didn’t decorate the house with all the Christmas stuff that she normally would put up because neither of our sons will be home for Christmas. For the average person who comes to our house it will appear fully decorated, but it really isn’t. Also, Max will be with us from December 5 through December 12 so she had to put up toddler proof decorations for the most part.

We did put up our two new four foot artificial trees in the family room, and the living room which Linda decorated quite nicely. We decided not to put up a normal sized tree for the moment. Some Christmas wreaths, and other decorations are up in every room on the first floor, bathrooms, and in the basement. We are going to try and keep our grandson busy during his stay, but we will be trying to have him play with toys in the basement. Yeah Right! This sounds nice, but this isn’t going to happen.

Speaking of our Grandson Max, I will be heading alone to North Tewksbury today. I will stay with Max for a couple days in North Tewskbury before taking him back to Pittsfield. I will be taking the KIA which means Linda will be driving my Subaru. She doesn’t love driving the Subaru. We also decided to use the Subaru for short trips and not for trips to the Boston area or beyond.

Kyla drove the Kia the other day when we were there for Thanksgiving, and she loved it. Her Murano went from being a leased car to being owned by Kevin and Kyla. The car needs a bit of work with all the miles that they have put on the car. Linda’s Kia Sportage has 30,000 miles on it, and it doesn’t have the aches and pains that Kyla’s Murano has.

Speaking of grandchildren, our Cheshire friends became the grand parents of twin girls on Tuesday. Their daughter and her husband live in the Boston area like Kevin and Kyla. This means Grandpa and Grandpa Emery will have an easy drive to see the twins as well as giving their daughter and her husband a helping hand. These friends now have three grandchildren and it happened during a one year period. They have already sent us pictures of their new additions to their family. They twins are a couple of cuties!

Sports – I did get my dose of sports last evening while Linda was with her Knitting group at Panera Bread. I was flipping between the Celtics and the Bruins. Both teams won their respective contests.

Speaking of Boston Sports, Tom Brady was named player of the week in Professional Football, the Celtics’ Doc Rivers was named coach of the month for Professional Basketball, and Tim Thomas (the goalie for the Bruins) is leading the National Hockey League in allowing the fewest goals per game. He recorded a shut out last night.

My sport illustrated magazine arrived yesterday. Drew Brees was on the front cover of the magazine . Let us see if it is the “Kiss of Death” like it was for Michael Vick last week. They had a great article on Michael Vick on how he has turned his life around since the dog fighting incident, and his two year stay in Federal Prison in Leavenworth Kansas, which is a few miles from where our son Michael lives. Last week his team lost the football game. I think that it even happened to Tom Brady several weeks ago. Could it happen to Drew Brees too?

The “Boo Birds” will be out tonight in Cleveland to greet LeBron James as he returns to play the team which he abandoned this past year. I might watch a few moments of the nationally televised game just to see how the jilted Cleveland fans react to his presence.

Linda wants to send some Christmas gifts out to our grandchildren in Kansas. Our son said that his house is exploding with stuff too, and that money deposited in a children’s account might be the best gift to give. He is going off to Walmart, and purchase more buckets. This must be a genetic thing. I think that Linda and I must have passed on some of our accumulating stuff habits. He is starting to get nervous because he and his family will be leaving Kansas in June for a new military assignment some where in the States or in a foreign country. He is thinking of selling toys and other stuff before they have to move. Linda and I still have at least 8 buckets of his childhood stuff waiting for him to claim in our garage as well as another 8 buckets of Kevin’s stuff too.

I took a looked at the CNN headlines, and concluded that daily news can really get a person depressed. Oops, I better not use that word depression, I caused a bit of controversy several months back when I expressed my thoughts on depression.

Actually, the Christmas season is not a good time for a good deal of people. Some people have nothing to look forward to. They have no family or friends to celebrate the Holiday’s with. They never get a chance to have that warm and fuzzy feeling like Linda and I get around every holiday, and which we pretty much have every day of the year. Some people have no clue how to make the best of a not so good situation.

Linda and I didn’t have to decorate this year since we have neither son is coming for Christmas, but that didn’t stop us. Linda is booked into a couple of Christmas parties with her girlfriend related groups which she belongs to. We have at least two Christmas parties booked in which we will attend as a couple. I will probably be having another Patriot Party or two before the football season ends, and into the playoffs hopefully. You can sit home and say: “Whoa is me!” or get off your butt and do something.

While I am in Tewksbury for the next few days, Linda and her girlfriend have a shopping day planned as well as Crafts Fair to attend on another day. The only time we get depressed is when our body aches from being too active or trying to find a day where we can act like slugs all day.

You won’t be hearing from me for a couple of days since our laptop will be staying in Pittsfield with Linda.

Our back up computer is not working the way we want it to work so she can’t use that computer if I took the lap top.

I would use the computer at the Brodeur’s, but the last time that I used it, I messed it up, and I haven’t been on it for months.

Kevin and Kyla have their own computers which they use for work.

Linda is trying to squirrel away a few bucks for a new laptop.

Have a great Thursday!

Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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