Friday, August 26, 2011

Hello on Friday

Dear Friends,

There is no place like home! I don't want to see the inside of an airport or airplane for a while. I believe that won't happen until mid October when we visit our military son and his family in Southern Georgia. We do hope that this son will be back from Afghanistan according to his deployment orders.

We arrived at Logan from Miami a little late, but a 5:35 PM arrival wasn't bad. Our Limousine (a van) service was waiting for us as planned. We went directly to the Brodeur's Bed and Breakfast where we socialized for a little while before heading back home. My head hit the pillow about 11 PM, but Linda stayed up a little while longer. The ride home was not pleasant from Exit 7 until our Exit 2. The thunder, lightening, and rain was so severe that we slowed down to under 40 MPH. This wasn't even Hurricane Irene yet.

Linda did chat with our Tewksbury son who needs our baby sitting services for the next two weeks. We are going to play it by ear as of last evening's conversation because there is a chance that our daughter-in-law might not be able to fly out to California this weekend. We might be heading to Tewksbury by Wednesday.

Sports -- My Red Sox did win last evening, The Yankees won their contest too. They had to do it in a dramatic fashion by hitting 3 grand slams and scoring 22 runs in beating up the Oakland A's.

Storm -- Well the weather channel has us shaking in our boots up and down the East Coast including us people in the Berkshires who live 120 miles from Boston Harbor. They even had lighted signs on the Mass Turnpike warning us of Hurricane Irene. Has Hurricane Irene been following the Curley's and the Culver's from the Dominican Republic where we first encountered her?

Social Calendar -- I have a whole bunch of projects to do today. My car still has the Senior Golf Tournament Supplies for the tournament which I was suppose to work, but couldn't because we were on vacation. My lawn is beyond lush! Our suitcases are still in the back of our car. We have several days of clothes to wash, but I always do mine first.
We have nothing on our social calendar until Monday, and we want to keep it that way.
On the other hand, we could have a Hurricane Irene party! Linda doesn't want to hear such a thing, but I wouldn't mind carrying on the partying which we started in the Dominican Republic.

Politics -- None in our world since we are trying to recover from out trip.

Have a great Friday!
Enjoy the weekend even though it looks like wet weather is eminent.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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