Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hello on Thursday

Dear Friends,

Another day as planned in Curleyworld. I wish that the world we lived in was a pleasant as our world.

The stock markets throughout the world took a huge financial hit on Wednesday. Some of my friends who are involved with investments have had their telephones ringing constantly. The people with moderate incomes who have made some investments have been asking if their stocks have decreased to zero value. The wealthier people who call the investments advisors, are the most nervous of anyone who gamble in the stock market. Most of the advisors are telling their clients to sit tight because they believe that the market will turn around.

From my perspective, I am thinking of all the companies who cut out pensions for their workers, and said that 401 K would be the way that a person would get a pension. Well, tell this to that worker right now who had thoughts of possibly retiring this year or a few years from now. This wonderful, and most likely conservative concept, has just about destroyed the middle class.
You wonder why the Curley Lad is a proponent of Unions, defined benefit pension plans, etc. You have to have some looking out for benefits like health insurance, workers rights, guaranteed pensions, etc., because big companies have lost the concept of taking care of their loyal and dedicated employees who made those companies as wealthy as they are.

On a happier note, we have a busy social calendar today, but we will be going in opposite directions. I have to finish purchasing supplies for the Senior Golf tournament which a couple friends and me are running (the food portion) on this coming Monday. As of yesterday, we will be cooking for over 70 golfers both male and female. We will also be serving the pro shop workers, and some of the golf course maintenance people. I (and my friends) will be one tired buckaroo when that day ends. Yes, I will be wearing my orthopedic boot.

On another happier note, Linda and I will be grandparents for the fourth time. The newest bundle of joy will arrive in February. As of a Tuesday doctor's appointment, it appears that Max will be having a little sister. Even though Kyla is early in her pregnancy, they have a new test which is quite accurate to determine the sex of the child before an ultra sound can even show accurate pictures. Linda is so happy that she can shop for another girl besides Isabelle who belongs to Mike and Danielle. Linda shopped for boy clothes for our two boys, but as all of us know men don't require the daily change in outfits that females require. Men don't need cute shoes to match their outfits. Men don't need pocket books to match their outfits. Purchasing boy toys is another simple thing too. If we bring Max (or Gabriel) a couple of new match box cars when we visit him, he is so happy.

There will not be an unused coupon from all the ones that Macy's (and other clothing stores) sends us by way of the mail. The two Curley female grandchildren will be the best dressed in their respective cities.

Well, after picking up my golf supplies, I will be doing some yard work, and taking down the canopy that Linda and I set up for the Tuesday night cookout. I also have to return a borrowed table from an Irish Sister City Friend.

Have a great Thursday at work or play.
Talk to you soon. The Curley lad

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