Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hello on Wednesday

Dear Friends,

The Tanglewood on Parade Concert was wonderful last evening. The night ended with the playing of the 1812 Overture, and a fireworks display. My head did not hit the pillow until after midnight. I should be sleeping, but I have a
7 AM Physical Therapy appointment.
I wore my orthopedic boot for most of the day on Tuesday including while at Tanglewood. My strained Achilles felt pretty good as I took off my boot at
12:15 AM. I guess my Therapist was correct to tell me that I should wear it pretty much every waking hour. I failed at self diagnosing the problem.

As predicted, our evening of two couples grew in to a party of 12. One couple had five friends who wanted to party with us and the Curley's added three more of our friends to the mix. Of course, we ran into multiple friends throughout the evening so there was never any lack of conversation.

One former colleague of ours, who is a couple years older than the Queen and I, said that he has been experiencing some physical problems, and he has pretty much been incapacitated. He is having problems with his back, and he never knows when he wakes up whether he can function on that particular day.
His wife has been taking care of him, and all the chores both inside and outside the house. Even though his wife never came by our little gathering, I got the impression that his wife is probably having thoughts of trading him for a new and younger model. Linda was my chauffeur last evening, and she waited on me with respect to getting some of the epicurean delights which we shared. She has been having those same thoughts since I started wearing my boot on June 28, 2011. We never thought about situations like that when we first got married almost 40 years ago. We baby boomers are definitely in need of a healthcare system (ObamaCare) as we enter the Golden Years.

Politics -- I see where the United States earned its Moody's triple AAA rating with the Budget issue being resolved, but the stock market wasn't impressed, and it investors experienced a loss on Tuesday.

One of our guests last night wanted me to "smooth some ruffled feathers"
with one of my email recipients. The story goes that these two people met a gathering, and there was some sort of a political discussion (my Tanglewood friend is the campaign manager of one of the Pittsfield Mayoral candidates).
I guess the discussion went "sour", and my Tanglewood friend thinks that my blogger friend doesn't like her. Well, I don't know how this could happen because my friend on my daily blog and me are on opposite ends of any political discussion. My friend knows that I am diehard born and bred Liberal Democrat as he touts his Conservative political views, but we are still friends at the end of the day. As I always say, there must be more to the story that my Tanglewood friend told me last night. I will find out what really happened in the next couple of days. Like I always say "Life is too short" to hold a grudge!

Social Calendar -- After my Therapy, I have some quiet chores to take care of. I don't have anything else on my social calendar. Linda is booked in for her Panera Bread Knitting group at 6 PM, and that is it for us today. I will weave in an afternoon nap, and watch the Red Sox while enjoying a Chicken Novena while she is gone. I had some friends make fun of me and my Chicken Novena so I am going to enjoy it by myself. Alone is okay for a change!

Well, I have to put on my therapy gear, and head out the door.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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