Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hello on Saturday

Dear Friends,

We accomplished all of our tasks on Friday that we set out to do. Linda will be doing her washing today, and then it will pretty much be "business as usual."

We took a rain check on a political pasta dinner fundraiser last evening at the Polish Falcons' Hall. We decided to have a quiet evening at the Shamrock Restaurant and Pub. We sat at the bar and played some Keno, and I won enough money to pay for supper. I turned a $10 bill into $52.50. Linda made $5 of her $10 investment back.
I was so hungry that I ate the garni (the lettuce on which they placed the
coleslaw) on my plate and Linda's too. I had the fish and chips, and she had a lobster roll.

Well, the weather channel has people in the Berkshires in a Hurricane Irene frenzy. Bottled water and food has been jumping off of the shelves. The electrical company has called every single home owner, and warned them to be prepared for the loss of electricity. They said for all of us to be prepared for a multi day loss of electricity, and that they will be on top of the situation.

We get our weather related news out of Albany, and our locals forecasters are not in the gloom and doom mode. As I am watching the Weather Channel, the Hurricane has now been downgraded to a Category One Hurricane. The forecasters said not to treat the storm too lightly, and to expect wind and rain, but he said the coast was going to experience the more intense portion of the storm.

I have to stack some chairs on the deck, and take down some decorative flags, bag up deck pillows. I am going to get some bags of ice in case we lose electricity. I have all kinds of grills to cook food, but we might have to eat our selves out of the refrigerator, and freezer which we have in our garage.

Sports -- Both the Yankees and Red Sox lost their games last evening which means the Red sox still hold a slim lead in their division. The Sox play a day night double headed today and management have decided to shut down Fenway on Sunday.
The Patriots play a preseason game this evening in Detroit so I will overdose on Sports today.

Politics -- The President Obama had to cut his Cape Cod vacation short. He and his entourage packed up and headed back to Washington, D.C.

Well, I think that we are going to hunker down, and spend a quiet day together. I might pick up some corn on the cob too (they did have corn on the cob in the Dominican Republic, but it was like cow corn).
We are still trying to recover from our extended vacation caused by Hurricane Irene. It appears our adventure doesn't seem to want to end!

Have a great weekend.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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