Friday, September 18, 2009

Hello on Thursday from East Boston

Subject: Hello on Thursday Morning from East Boston
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Dear Friends,

We arrived at Logan a little after midnight last evening. Our son picked us up,
and we stayed over night at their apartment in East Boston.

As usual, we had another spectacular time in Barbados. The 7 night / 8 day
package which Linda booked months ago was a winner. If I had my computer, I
could have given you updates on the many things which we did daily. We also met
some fun people from all over the world. Some of them left a few days earlier
than we did, and they already sent us e-mails. We had 348 messages in our "in
box" when Linda did a partial check of them at 1 AM last evening. The Curleys
are in demand from people all over the world.

Our plan was to leave East Boston during the mid morning today, but things have
changed. When Linda talked to Kevin and Kyla while waiting for airplane to
depart from Miami, we found out that Max and Kyla were spending the evening at
Mass General Hospital in Boston. Max had a fever with no other symptoms like a
cold, cough, etc. The doctors were putting baby Max through a series of tests
checking to see if he had some sort of virus, etc.
I am not sure of when we are leaving East Boston. I am hoping that our
neighbors deal with our newspapers, and mail until we arrive back in Pittsfield.

When we checked our telephone messages, we also found out that Mom is at
another nursing home. It is called Providence Care, and is located in Lenox
which is a shorter drive than heading to the Laurel Lake nursing home in Lee.
This means my father will have a longer drive when he does his usual twice a day

The business as usual starts as soon as we get home. If we do get home by
Friday, I have golf with my seniors. We were supposed to have a baby sitting gig
in Hartford while Kevin and Kyla were attending a wedding this weekend. We will
have to see if Max gets better for that to happen.
We already got invited to a Sunday party back home, but we can't make a
commitment until the health issues for Max get resolved.

Sports -- I did happen to watch Tom Terrific bail out the Patriots on Monday
night. I watched the game during the 9 PM to 10 PM happy hour at our hotel.
I also had to watch ESPN to catch high lights of the Red Sox games. Our hotel
had no newspaper except for a local Bajan one called the "Advocate". Soccer and
Cricket are the two big sports on the Island of Barbados.

Speaking of Happy Hours, our hotel started the "two for one" drinks at noon
time. This happy hour lasted for one hour. Another one called "Crazy cocktails"
went from 1 PM until 2 PM. The regular happy hour of "two for one drinks"
occurred twice more every day. One was from from 6 PM until 7 PM, and the last
was at 9 PM from 10 PM. The "Crazy cocktails" also continued from 5 PM until 7
PM. I will be drinking water for the next month or so.

We were cell phone and computer free for the whole trip. I did watch CNN to get
my updates on Politics. I did see that the Republican congressman who called the
President a liar got a great response from his constituents. The money started
to flow in from big time donors. This representative will have a lot a money to
run a campaign for re-election when the times comes.

Maybe it was good that I never read a newspaper for 8 straight days except for
their local one. I loved when the local newspaper reported on tragedies, and
deaths. As an example, one guy climbed up a tree, fell and broke his neck when
he hit the ground. The details in the article were funny even though the poor
guy died.
Another death that was reported was that of a fisherman who drowned. He lived
and worked on his boat during the week, and he went home on weekends. The
article even quoted family members who stated that the fisherman was known to
be a "heavy drinker", and that he most likely fell overboard in a drunken

Well, I have to answer a bunch of e-mails. One of them was from a couple from
Sweden whom we met in Barbados in 2007. She sent pictures of their recent
wedding. This was the same couple that I kept on telling not to have sex in the
The female was Swedish, but the guy was from Croatia. She was the only one who
could speak English, and she had to translate what we were saying. We dined out
with them, and went on a Island tour with them. The Curley friendships seem to
last for ever, and these friendships are global.

Have to go, and sort through the hundreds of e-mails.
Life is good! No, I think that it is great!
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

P.S. It is good to be back on our computer. I would rather be sending this
e-mail from Barbados.

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