Friday, October 15, 2010

Hello on Friday

Dear Friends,

No golf with my senior buddies today. Even if it was a beautiful day, Linda and I are heading off to a Rodeway Inn in Kingston, New York. We are staying at this not too fancy motel like we did last year. It is one of the least expensive hotels in the area. This Sheep and Wool Festival attracts people from all over the country. If you are a serious knitter, of just a beginner, this is the place to be. You may ask why I am attending such a function. There are times that I can’t use my “Separation is Good” philosophy.
You may further ask, what will I be doing while Linda is touching every kind of yarn which is produced in the world? I usually stay with Linda for about 30 minutes before I go out exploring the Dutchess County Fair Grounds where the event takes place. I sometimes watch the Border collie shows where the dogs are in a competition in which they herd three or four sheep in a fixed time frame. There is a demonstration of Border Collies catching Frisbees. Our son’s dog Billy has been doing that since he was born.
I then progress to a building which you can get samples of cheeses, jellies, Italian meats, and samples of New York State wine. As I get hungry, the two most popular vendors are the ones which sell fried artichokes, and another that sells Chicken Pot Pies. There are all kinds of vendors selling food, but these two are the most popular,
I could also go to another hall where they have Lama jumping contests. The children really like this event.
I sometimes like to go through the halls where you can observe the sheep which produce the various yarns which Linda ends up purchasing.
As I start to get fidgety, I then head for my car for a couple of cold ones.
I do a lot of observing and listening to people communicating with each other while I walk around or sit on benches. Last year one lady told her girlfriend how wonderful the Festival was, and that she is coming back every single year. One lady was touching some soft yarn, and I overheard her say that she would like to snuggle with the yarn that she was touching. I was thinking that snuggling with a significant other would be even better.
Both young and old knitters attend this Festival. Many are college students too.
The Sheep and Wool festival is a 9 AM until 5 PM affair. Linda likes to stay from the start to finish.
After we head go back to our motel, and freshen up, and we go out for supper. Linda made reservations at two restaurants for Friday night and Saturday night.
This year Linda talked a girlfriend and her husband into joining us. I can’t wait for this couple to experience the joy of attending this festival.

My time with the dentist went well. A shot of Novocain, and a good deal of drilling and filling took place to replace the large filling that fell out last week. I still have 6 month check up mid November, and I can’t wait. The dentist usually finds another tooth or two that needs some dental work.

Linda had fun at her Luncheon, and her Book Club meeting. I never asked her when she came home fro the Book Club meeting /dinner how the discussion went since she never did read the book. The books that the hosts usually choose haven’t been on my top ten list.

Last evening, while Linda and her girl friends were discussing the chosen book, I had a friend over for supper, and we watched some sports programs in which the reporters discuss the New England Patriots. The last program ended at 7:30 PM, and my friend headed home. I read some more of a book which I started on Linda’s Kindle.

Well, I have to watch the weather, and pack some gear in case the temperature drop while we are at the festival. I might throw in a pair of boots just in case the grounds are wet due to the rain which has been falling.

Have a great weekend.
Talk to you soon. Baa The Curley Lad

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