Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hello on Tuesday Morning

Dear Friends,

Our appointment went well at 9:30 AM on Monday. This appointment was at the Social Security Office in anticipation of my 65th birthday which will take place a year from December. We also went to the Treasurers Office for the City of Pittsfield to get even more questions answered and more details of what is going to happen when we change over to Medicare. Linda took copious notes, and has become an expert for our particular situation. Our City has made a rule that if anyone is eligible (40 quarters) for Medicare at age 65, you must go on the Federal program. If either spouse has those 40 quarters, both husband and wife must go on Medicare. Linda has her 40 quarters, but I do not because teachers in Massachusetts don’t contribute to social security while they are employed.
One scaring thing that we both learned was that I should go back to work for three years to get my 40 quarters so that I can be eligible for social security. I haven’t worked since I retired in June of 2004, and it would be real difficult for me to mentally go back into the work force.

Linda had fun with a girlfriend doing lunch and a movie.
While she was doing her thing, I did several errands, and ended up visiting Mom in the nursing home. She seemed to be doing very well physically. The restrictions on entering her room about wearing masks and gloves have been lifted. She even has a new roommate. She still does ask the same questions like; “Where am I? How old am I? Who are you?”, etc. It is amazing that a few weeks ago that she was on death’s door, and now she is back to her old self.

I was so exhausted after the visit that I required a nap. While I was napping, I received an email form a friend whose television had died in his man cave. Since he and I are avid Patriot fans, he asked if he could join me in watching the Patriot Game. Well Linda and I just happen to have one of those Pork Rib roasts brewing in our crock pot. My friend and his wife joined us for supper. His wife left for their home after supper, and my friend and I went into my man cave to watch the game.
Supper turned out wonderful. There was no pork left. People seemed to suck every piece of meat off of the bones. I sliced the roast like it was a prime rib roast. We had some corn, tossed salad, and some of those quick cook Pillsbury rolls. None of the just mentioned food was left either.

Speaking of the Patriot Game, by half time there wasn’t much to cheer about whether you were a Patriot or Dolphin fan. The second half was a different story. No name and rookie players from the Patriots excelled with blocked punts, blocked field goal attempts, intercepted passes, run backs on kick offs, etc. They set a record on scoring from all the above mentioned situations. My friend left at the end of the third quarter, but I stayed up for the whole game, and post game roundup. I have never seen Coach Belichik express his emotions as he did during the last few minutes of the game. He was going up and down the sidelines congratulating both offensive and defensive player. He is starting to convince everyone on the team that the direction and the hard work during practice has the Patriots heading in the correct direction. They still have some week spots in the defensive area, but they are improving each week.
They have a bye week this weekend. Boy do I wish my friend and I had kept our season tickets!

Social Calendar – We are so busy today. The contractor is coming at 8 AM to finish what he has to do. The cleaners are coming at 9 AM to drop off the garments which had water damage. I have 10:50 AM doctor’s appointment so that the doctor can tell me what is going on with my good leg.
Linda is playing her usual Mah Jongg at a friend’s home, but she has to drop off a baby shower gift before the session. The baby shower takes place while we will be at the wedding in New Hampshire this weekend. Linda was also invited to substitute for a different Mah Jongg session at 7 PM. I have a 6 PM UNICO Board meeting at the Italian American Club.
Both of us will be exhausted when this day is over.

Well, I don’t have time for any words of wisdom today since I have to finish my morning routine, and get dressed.
We are in for several days of on and off showers. I am not sure I will be able to squeeze in a round of golf. I will be missing Friday golf with the seniors for the next two Fridays. Oh Darn!

Have a great Tuesday.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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