Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hello on Sunday

Dear Friends,

I am a little foggy this morning, but I will rally soon. The fogginess was due, in part, to a Halloween Party which we attended after Trick or Treat night.

Linda and I were busy during the day doing our own thing. I worked outside from 9 AM until 2 PM. I have about 30 minutes left of winterizing the deck, and then we will be ready for the snow. I even moved my snow blower from the storage shed to the garage. I am assuming that it works fine because I had it tuned up last year.

Trick or Treat night went very well. Linda and I played the old “Good cop, Bad cop” routine. When the children came to the door, a pleasant lady, Linda, would open the door, and then me with a scary mask would stick my head around the corner, and scare the living daylights out of the children, especially the little ones. Some children wouldn’t come up our three steps once they saw me in my mask. Other children cried, and some screamed. One friend and neighbor brought her two year old daughter, and she was scared when she saw me. We did remind her Mom that she was just like that when she was the same age. I even scared this Mom when I visited her house when she was a child, and I wasn’t even wearing a mask.

We had close to 175 children come to our house for Trick or Treat night.

A friend was supposed to be with us to help us pass out candy, and see all the children dressed up in their costumes because she gets only a handful of kids in her neighborhood. She thought Trick or Treat night was on October 31, 2010 which is actually Halloween. She went to dinner at a friend’s home. She missed a fun night here in Pittsfield.

Linda and I were both pretty tired even though I took a nap, but we still decided to go to an adult Halloween dress up party. Linda and I had a couple of Musketeer costumes. We were two of the usual three musketeers who were going to save the world from the bad Pirates. Being a Pirate was the theme of this party. I was a bad boy at the party. I spilled some drinks on a couple friends, and dropped another two drinks on the floor of the place which we were at. Linda was the designated driver when we left a little after midnight. Once again, the party was still going on when we left.

I hope that our host invites me back to a party at his home.

While we were in the midst of having a fun time, I was thinking of the eclectic mix of friends that Linda and I have. Do many friends have a funeral home owner and director as their friend?

The party started at 8 PM, but the funeral director host was late due to a wake at the funeral home. Also visualize that our friend lives in a house, where the party took place, adjacent to the funeral home. Of course, we park our cars in the funeral home parking lot. During the party, a body was dropped off at the funeral home for another wake and funeral.

There was much food, fun, and merriment before this night ended for the Curley’s.

While at the party, I met a few of the host’s friends who live in New York City. One guy gave me his business card. He is the “Supervising Blasting Inspector for the Explosives Unit”. He works for the New York City Fire Department. Did he have some interesting stories? He had a scar on his forehead from a bullet that grazed his head. He lives in the Bronx, New York.

One thing that I did realize is that these guys in life and death situations work hard and party just as hard. I am going to enter his e-mail in my address book. He said that any time that Linda and I are in the city, he would take care of us. Now this is the kind of friend I would like to have. I made an offer that if he comes to Pittsfield; he is welcome to stay at our house if his funeral director friend is busy with a wake and funeral.

Well, the partying continues for the Curley’s once again today. A different mix of friends will be at our house around 3:30 PM for our Patriot Party. So far we have one couple brining a honey glazed ham, another couple bringing a Mexican dip, another couple bringing baby back ribs, the Curleys have some sausage peppers and onions brewing in a crock pot. Other friends who are coming didn’t say what they were bringing, but surprises are good anyways.

I wish that I could invite some of the Halloween guests to our Patriot party, but we would need a large hall to accommodate everyone.

Social Calendar – I have to go off to the grocery store in a little while to get a few items. Linda is making a dessert, and the recipe needs some cream cheese.

I also have to go off to the radio station at noon to pick up the restaurant coupons that we purchased on the two day Radio Auction.

I also need to squeeze in a nap before our guests arrive for the Patriot Party.

Have to skim the Sunday newspapers, and go off to the grocery store.

Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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