Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hello on Sunday Morning

Dear Friends,

It is 37 degrees as I start this e-mail. One of these days, we will be dealing with a frost warning.

I watched Ryder Cup Golf from the moment I woke up until it ended due to darkness in Wales on Saturday. I didn’t just sit on my butt! I worked in the basement trying to get rid of ceiling tile dust that seemed to be everywhere. Every nook and cranny of the basement had ceiling dust on it. I had the Ryder cup golf on the bar television as I dusted and vacuumed for several hours. Yes, I took an afternoon nap.

Linda on the other hand went to a multiple person Bas Mitzvzh at Temple Knesset Israel. She said that the place was packed. She was there from 10 AM until 1 PM. The service was two hours long. She said that it reminded her of those Latin Masses which all of us baby boomer Catholics grew up with. After the service, they had all kinds of Jewish food, a lot of which was fish based (salmon, tuna, onions, and bagels (from a Jewish Bagel shop). Linda is not a fan of uncooked fish, so she stuck with the plain bagels, and desserts.
Will Linda be like the entertainer Madonna (another Catholic girl) who gave up her Catholic faith and converted to Judaism?

We did get invited to supper last evening at a friend’s home. After some appetizers, the host grilled some steaks to perfection while the hostess prepared oven roasted potatoes, fresh yellow beans. The hostess made one of those crust less apple pies, and she put a little dollop of vanilla ice cream to complete the dessert.
Since we finished supper early we decided to play cards. Yes, we stuck to the women against men format. We played a couple of games of cribbage. The women beat us soundly in the first game as we men had the lead, and thought we were well on the road to winning the find game. We men got a strong indication that our good sized lead was in jeopardy when Linda gets a hand of 24 points. The best hand that you can get consists of 29 points. Linda’s great hand made us lose our substantial lead. The next hand her partner gets a 24 point hand too. Game over, the women win! The chance of getting a hand of 24 points is almost unheard of, and these women get two of these 24 point hands during the same game.
They beat us again in the second game too so we changed the card game. The men soundly beat the women in two games of straight pitch. It was still men against the women. We went home after the pitch game.

Social Calendar – Linda and two other female friends are booked into breakfast, shopping at a Mall in Holyoke, shopping at Cosco’s, and having supper at one of those homemade pasta places in the college town of Northampton.
I will be outdoors removing dead plants from the front and back of our yard. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun?

We have something going every day next week before we head off to the 10/10/10 wedding in New Hampshire. We are not leaving a day early and going to our son’s place n North Tewksbury before going to New Hampshire. Linda is socially engaged Monday through Thursday evening. I am so happy for her. We won’t be having any coordinated suppers next week including right through the weekend.

Observation – I had some thoughts on dust. I thought I did a pretty good job in the basement removing dust. Linda went into the basement after I woke up from my nap. She found places that needed more dusting. I felt like I was with my son when he was at the Air Force Academy. They would have room inspections where upper classmen would come into each Cadet’s two person room, and go through with white gloves on. If they picked up any dust on their white gloves, you failed inspection.
I think this lack of seeing dust is a male trait. Just think of our ancestors who lived in caves with dirt floors. There must have been dirt and dust every where. Do you think that our cavemen male ancestors cared if there was dust on every surface in the cave?
Linda pretty much follows me around everyday with sponge, cleaning cloth, some kind of chemical spray and paper towels cleaning up finger prints on every door and surface that I touch. I have to touch up some of the paint on some of these surfaces because she has rubbed the paint right off of where she has cleaned up after me. During one of her cleaning episodes the other day she said that “Men are basically slobs.” She did say that if I use the door knobs, and not the doors themselves to open and close them, she wouldn’t have to clean so much. Well, we have been together for over 39 years, do you really think that I will change my habits?
I am really not complaining about Linda because you can enter our house any day or night, and it looks like Linda just got through cleaning for any unannounced guests. I am so glad that I live with this Martha Stewart type of person. My Linda has a lot of work if she thinks that she can tame the beast like qualities out of this male!

Sports – My football team is not playing until Monday night at 8:30 PM. I will squeeze in some sport watching after doing my chores today..

We have another fine day on tap for today.
Get out and enjoy it!
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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