Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hello on Saturday

Dear Friends,

The ceiling tiles never arrived. We have to wait until next week to deal with the three tiles. Monday morning is our target date.

Linda did go off to the Colonial Theater to the Breast Cancer Art Show, and Theater event. I was in bed when she arrived home so I will wait for the details of how things went when she wakes up.
The rain in the Berkshires was a pleasant one. My grass is finally green. The usually low spots on the highways filled up, and the City wanted home owners to unplug storm drains. The flooding in our area really never was a problem.
Today we are going to have abundant sunshine with temperatures reaching only 60 degrees. We are going to have a multiple day stretch of weather with highs never getting out of the low 60’s. Fall is in the air which is fine for Linda and me.
My snow bird friends are already planning on when they are heading south for the winter months.
I will keep the snow blower nearby, and get my ice-fishing gear ready to go. I might even do a little hunting this fall.
I also have to get back into my Retro Fitness Routine. I am thinking of changing my starting time to be a little later than 4:30 AM.
I am experiencing something going on in my good leg. I might have to have it check out before returning to the treadmill. I still can do the elliptical machines. It feels like it is an Achilles tendon thing, but it might just be a pulled calf muscle. This is the same leg that I ruptured an Achilles tendon over 30 years ago.

Social Calendar – Linda has a 9:30 AM Bas Mitzvah that she is going to the at the Temple Knesset Israel today. A couple of her friends never went through this when they were teenagers so they are doing so as adults. I think that it is similar to Catholics making their confirmation. We have been to one many years ago for the son of a couple who were both teachers.
While Linda is at the Temple, I will be vacuuming the dust in the cellar created when the ceiling tile guy move tiles all around, put up new ones, etc.
I also have some out door work that I could be doing also.
I think that we are totally free this evening which happens to be the only day for the whole month of October.
Linda wanted to hook up with some other couples, but I am in the mood for a social gathering.
It is so difficult to get a few couples together, and free on the same night. Even our friends seem to have busy lives.
There are also a whole bunch of Fall activities during October. There is even an October Fest in Downtown Pittsfield today. Of course there are all kinds of Theater Events. Pittsfield has become a Mecca for the arts for the people from New York City and the Boston area. Pittsfield was even written up in the New York Times, and the Boston Globe describing what a good place it is to visit for culturally minded people.

I didn’t see anything at the National news level that jumped out at me.

Our lost and found advertisements have had he same old missing and cats, and dogs requests and rewards for finding their missing pets. The missing turtle is still among the lost and found. If I lost turtle, and it has been missing for over a couple of months, I would probably purchase a new one for my child, or go to a local pond and capture one. I thought pet turtles were illegal pets to have since they carry a whole bunch of diseases.
What really is amazing is when a person has their parakeet, or parrot missing, and wants the help of the public in finding it. If I was trapped in a cage all day long, I would want to escape and never return to its owner.

Well, I have to read the local newspaper, and check some e-mails, and watch a little Ryder cup golf.
Have a great weekend.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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