Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hello on Thursday

Dear Friends,

After Linda cut my hair, Linda and I went off to lunch at Berkshire Hills. We were the only ones in the member’s lounge since the rain kept all the golfers away. We also went to the Hills because I am in one of those football pooles and I had to pick up this weeks sheet, and fill out the winners.

They also had a sheet of the total points which each person had so far. I found my name toward the bottom of the list. Oh Darn!

Linda did an excellent job cutting my hair. I haven’t been to a barber in many years. If I do go to a barber, they usually cut so much of my hair that I could put a part my hair like I did for my high school picture. My mother would like that because every time I visit her she tells me that my hair is too long, and to get a hair cut.

Not too many of my male friends have much of their hair left. My high school friend and neighbor and I still have the hair that we were born with. He keeps his hair cut shorter than me. His Italian grandparents, and my Italian grandparents came from the same town in Italy; Canicatti, Sicily. Like I always say genetics play a major role in all of our lives.

Linda and I took separate cars when we went off to lunch. She went off to the Mall, and some other stores searching for a few items. She has been on the hunt to get me some long sleeve and long pants pajamas. She was unsuccessful in her search. Whether it was Macy’s, Sears, Target, J.C. Penny’s, etc., no one seemed have any. The lady at Walmart said that Linda wasn’t the only one searching for men’s pajamas.

I often pick on Linda, but I really do appreciate all the things that she does for me. When she goes recreational shopping, she usually comes with something for me. Even though she didn’t find me some pajamas, she did bring home a new pair of slippers. They fit great, and I am wearing them right now.

I hope that you don’t think that it is weird that Linda has been looking for pajamas right now. There was a time when night time clothes were optional or they weren’t necessary. We are past that stage right now. Also, both of our sons and their families have seen the pajamas that I am wearing now. I think that I have been wearing them for 4 or 5 years. You can only wash them so many times before they get tired.

While Linda was shopping, I went home and pressed some shirts which I am wearing for this weekend’s wedding. I had the television on while doing the ironing. ESPN was analyzing the Randy Moss trade. I have come to the conclusion that Randy didn’t want to be playing for New England since game one of this season. He turned out to be a “cancer” in the locker room. He has done this in the other two places that he played professional football in. There have been incidents with the offensive coaches, and there was an incident on the airplane when the team returned from their Monday night win in Miami.

I can still hear the words from our eldest son’s father-in-law from Minnesota. He warned me that Randy will play well for a couple of years, and then he would cause trouble. Mr. Vogelgesang was right on the mark!

Linda went off to her Wednesday night Knitting group gathering at Panera Bread. She had fun chatting and knitting with the ladies.

I had a Chicken Novena while she was gone. I lit a candle, and cooked some chicken leg quarters in the oven. I would have cooked them on the grill, but it rained for most of the day on Wednesday. For my new e-mail recipients, I have to light a candle because I am praying that the smell of the cooking chicken won’t permeate the house too much. The smell of chicken didn’t get masked by the fragrant Yankee Candle.

Linda likes chicken if it is in the boneless breast form. I like chicken with the bones attached. I also like to pick up my food, and eat it with my hands. I might have fit in well with our Caveman ancestors.

I did watch the playoff baseball games off and on. I also finished reading that book which I started on Linda’s Kindle.

Today, Linda is going to help me( since I am color blind) select some ties and sport coats for this weekend’s wedding, and I will finish packing. After she helps me, she will do her packing too.

We are both socially engaged this evening. She and some girlfriends are going off to Mazzeo’s Ristorante at 6 PM to celebrate a birthday. I can’t tell you how old the birthday girl will be, but I will be her age on my birthday in December.

I am going off to meet a father and son from our Irish Sister City at a different local restaurant this evening. This gathering starts at 6 PM too.

While Linda was at Panera Bread last night, she received a telephone call from Kyla, Kevin’s wife. I had forgotten that Kyla has hired a baby sitter for the rehearsal party and the wedding so that we all can enjoy all the festivities. After the cell phone conversation, Linda decided that we are going from Pittsfield directly to our hotel in New Hampshire. Check in is 3 PM.

It is raining out right now. The weather people have predicted that the rain will end this morning and the sun will pop out. If our lawn dries out, I will cut it. Most lawns in the City have recovered from the summer of extremely dry weather. Our burnt lawns don’t exist anymore.

Have great weekend.

Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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