Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hello on Wednesday Morning

Dear Friends,

Another day went as planned with only a few pleasant bumps along the road.

I was all set to play a quick nine holes of golf at 10 AM with the usual suspects, but one of my buddies got a called to be a substitute teacher for the day at my former high school where I spent 35 years teaching secondary mathematics.
My other friend and I agreed that there was enough stuff to keep us males busy around our own homes.

I helped Linda set up a card table and chairs for the ladies who were going to play Mah Jongg at our house. I even whipped up a 12 grain bread in my bread machine.

Linda’s crock pot chicken vegetable soup was a big hit. There were no leftovers. My bread was a big hit too. I only have a couple of small slices of bread left that I had planned to toast this morning. I will save the couple of pieces for Linda.

I am leaving the house a little after 7 AM, and heading to Ken’s Steak House in Framingham, MA. The drive is about 2.5 hours long assuming that there are no traffic delays. The Annual REAM meeting starts a little after 10 AM; followed by lunch, and guest speaker. Supposedly, the meeting should be over close to the 2 PM hour.
Linda is all excited because I will be gone the whole day. Remember my “Separation is Good” theory because it will take place today.

After my meeting, I even had thoughts of stopping in, unannounced, at Kevin’s restaurant in East Boston, or stopping in and say “Hi” to Max as he gets out of day care in North Tewksbury. Maybe I should pack some clothes and stay overnight at Kevin and Kyla’s place.
Linda won’t miss me because she has her once a month BONCO session at a friend’s home in West Stockbridge this evening.
On the other hand, I probably should come straight home after my meeting since we did spend from Friday through Monday morning in North Tewksbury.

My meeting went well last evening at 6:30 PM. It concluded in less than an hour.

I got invited to a friend’s home to watch the season opener for the Boston Celtics. The Celtics struggled toward the end of the game like their counterparts, the New England Patriots, have been doing lately, but the Celtics did beat LeBron James and his Miami Heat teammates. Kyla was at the game, and the TD Garden seemed to be rocking all night long.

I woke up early because my leg was really aching. I tried some Ibuprofen, but the aching wouldn’t stop. I got up, and I made myself a cup of coffee, and got on the computer.

It is raining outside right now pretty heavily. I don’t love driving in the rain. Linda did offer me to use the Kia to head east on the Mass Pike, but my 2000 Legacy needs a workout every once in a while. This might be the last time that I take the Subaru out of Berkshire County.

National news had the usual murder and mayhem, and wasn’t worth talking about.

Observation – The Republican Party and the Tea Party people have spent a lot of money beating up the Democratic incumbents. They have been spreading outright lies not only nationally, but in our own State. I am still voting for the Democratic politicians. I can see through the nonsense. As I get older, I am convinced that the Democratic Party will be the best party to help me make it through life until I meet my Maker.
Some of my friends, who claimed to be independents or independent thinkers, have already been brain washed by the political campaign advertisements. They are voting to remove any Democratic incumbents. I am so hoping that Massachusetts stays a Democratic Party State.

Well, I have to select my wardrobe for my trip today.
Have a great Wednesday.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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