Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hello on Tuesday Morning

Dear Friends,

Linda and I had a wonderful weekend at the wedding of one of Kevin’s childhood friends. We also had a chance to bond with our grandchild who was his usual happy self.
Max slept in our room on Saturday and Sunday night. We were partying on those two nights (rehearsal party on Saturday night, and wedding on Sunday night), Max had an in house hotel nanny taking care of Max. The Nanny asked the same question that everyone else does: “Is Max always this good?” The answer is always a resounding “Yes”!

I couldn’t write my daily blog over the weekend because I was a little foggy after I tried staying up with Kevin and Kyla’s 30 something friends on both party nights. Linda took over for the Nanny and stayed with Max while I partied on.
Friday night ended at 1 AM for me when the bartender / bouncer told all of us to leave since the bar was closing.
On the wedding night, I tried staying up once again with the youngsters, and got back to the room at 1 AM. I found out that the youngsters partied on until 2 or 3 AM.
Max still woke up at 7:30 AM and wanted someone to rescue him from the portable crib which was at the foot of our bed.
We took care of Max so that Kevin and Kyla could get some extra hours of rest. During this taking care of Max time for us, I couldn’t think about getting on our computer with Max crawling around and getting into everything.

The partying that I am referring to took place at an Italian Restaurant in out hotel. I would not have ever considered getting behind the wheel of any car after those two nights of revelry. I could have been stopped by hotel security and been given a DWW ( Drunk While Walking) ticket. I am exaggerating a little bit because I felt fine after both nights of partying. Kevin, Kyla, and their friends could not say the same thing.

While partying, some locals came in thinking that they could hook up with many of these fine looking women who were in New Hampshire for the wedding. You can tell the locals because they all wore jackets or sweatshirts with logos on them. One of Kevin’s friends was at the bar when he heard one of the locals say to his buddy: “The rich people are here tonight, do you think that they will let us dance with their women?”
While Linda and I were at breakfast on Monday morning with Kevin, Max , Kyla, a table of three, at which the men had on camouflage pants and logo sweatshirts, were drinking Budweiser’s at 10 AM in the morning. You have to visualize a small breakfast and lunch place in our hotel / shopping complex. There were families with children like we were, and no other table had people drinking beer with their buddies at 10 AM.

The Saturday night rehearsal party, and the 4:30 PM wedding the next day was wonderful. The food, the fun, and merriment was endless. It was total open bar at both events. The wedding took place in a tent on the grounds overlooking Lake Winnepausakee. The hotel staff removed the chairs and set up tables in the tent, and a cocktail party followed the wedding ceremony. Waitresses came around with all kinds of tasty appetizers. Other waitresses came around with trays of beer, wine, and champagne. There was a full bar in the tent too.
Around 7 PM were we all asked to go into the ballroom for the wedding reception? They had a live band that had people dancing all night. They even kept the bar open for an extra hour, and paid the band to play a few more songs. I know the groom realized that his parents had to write out a hefty check for the rehearsal party, and the bride’s parents had to write out one heck of a check to pay for the cocktail hour and the wedding reception meal. Besides the open bar for the wedding reception, they had red and white wine for every table.
Kevin gave a nice speech at the rehearsal party. The groom’s twin brother (and best man) also gave an emotional speech at the wedding reception.
I wish that all of our friends could have joined us at this weekend of fun and merriment.
The weather was picture perfect for every day of the weekend.
We are now waiting for the other twin to get married. We were thinking that 11/11/11 might be a good date for him to get married since his brother got married on 10/10/10.

I was so tired when we arrived home yesterday at 5 PM that I didn’t have the energy to head off to the UNICO Taste of Italy at the ITAM.

Social Calendar – We are booked into two events today. Our REAM group has a luncheon today at Chrissey farms in Gt. Barrington. Since I am President of the organization, I will preside over the festivities. A retired local judge is our guest speaker.
This evening we have a 6 PM Irish Sister City meeting at the Pittsfield Library.

I did wash some clothes last evening because we have to pack again for this weekend’s adventure to the Sheep and Wool festival in Rhinebeck, New York which takes place at the Dutchess County Fair grounds. Linda talked another couple into joining us. I just looked at the ten day forecast for the weekend. We better pack some rain gear!

I also have to make some telephone calls this morning. My eyes have been bothering me. I have been having trouble focusing, and no it was not due to alcohol consumption over the weekend. I also lost a filling so I am going to see if my dentist can squeeze me into an appointment.

Our deck flowers are absolutely beautiful, but our temperatures will be dropping to 29 degrees this evening. I am not covering these begonias. I also have to find some time to put away the deck furniture, and get ready for the winter.

I have to do all this stuff during the week since we have our October weekends all booked in. While at the wedding this weekend, Kevin and Kyla asked us if we want to baby sit Max while they attend a couple Phish Concerts in Rhode Island. The concerts take place during the last weekend in October.
We have to decide whether to do the baby sitting in North Tewksbury or bring Max to the Berkshires. We are leaning toward doing the baby sitting in North Tewksbury. We will weave in a visit to see the Brodeur’s too since they live one street away from Kevin and Kyla.
It is amazing how people keep on asking us: “What do you guys do during retirement?” There isn’t enough waking hours in the day for Linda and me.
“Life is Good” is still my motto until the day it is time for me to meet my Maker.

I did watch a little Monday night football. Randy Moss looked pretty good last night even though the Vikings lost to the Jets.

Have a great week at work or play.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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