Monday, October 18, 2010

Hello on Monday Morning

Dear Friends,

Linda and I arrived at the Festival on Saturday before our friends did. We stood in line for over 30 minutes waiting for the gates to open at 9 AM. The wind was howling so bad that I had to go back to the car, and get hats and gloves. As the day progressed it did warm up a bit, and I went back to the car to shed some of my winter gear.

Linda and I were so lucky that we talked another couple into going with us the 38th Annual Sheep and Wool festival. Linda had a girlfriend to go with her as they observed, and purchased yarn at all the places that they went into. The friend’s husband and I did a lot of bench sitting while our wives were doing their shopping. We did all meet for lunch. We each ate one of those famous Chicken Pot pies. Our friends did agree that they were some of the best that they ever tasted.
During the mid morning, my male friend and I went into the food, wine, and cheese pavilion. We ate and sample our way through the building.
We also watched some Border collie demonstration. For me it was no big deal since our son Kevin owns a border collie, and we have seen Billy do pretty much everything that was part of the show.

We called it a day around 4:30 PM. Our friends were able to get back to the motel, and they started cocktail hour in their room before we did. We got stuck in traffic for a very long time.
As we joined our friends, we discussed the Festival. My male friend said that he would never attend the festival again in his life time. His wife could do it again for at least one day of the two day festival.

Our Saturday evening went well at the Skytop Restaurant located on the grounds of the motel, but not connected with the motel. We are so lucky that Linda made reservations for 7:30 PM. We told our waitress that we wanted to have a very relaxed and slow supper, and that we were staying for the entertainment which was a live band. We finished supper just about the time which the band started to play. They played their first song about 9:10 PM. Our friends and I got up on the dance floor first, and then the locals started to fill the dance floor. We stayed through one set of music before we decided to call it a night.

The four of us went off to breakfast at a Greek dinner / restaurant 1.5 miles from our motel. As we finished our breakfast, we discussed what we would do next. I wanted to go directly home because I wanted to watch the Patriot Game. Our friends decided to take the scenic road back home. I was so happy for them.
As we were in the middle of our ride home, Linda says that she would have gone to the festival on Sunday. The guilt started to set in until I started to watch the Patriot Game. I am so glad that Linda gave into my wishes, and let me drive straight home after breakfast. The Patriot Game was awesome. It took overtime for them to win the game. I was so jealous that my friend was at the game in the same seats which I was in on opening day.

We never left the house on Sunday. I went into my Man Cave to watch the game, and Linda watched previously recorded programs while knitting a blanket for our grandchild Max. During both activities, we were able to do a load of clothes so that we could repack our suitcases for this weekend’s adventure in North Tewksbury. Max has started walking, and Kevin said that he is walking everywhere. Linda and I can’t wait to see him in action. We better put on our running shoes for this weekend of baby sitting.
My sister was telling me about one of her grandchildren, Matthew, who threw a large comb of some sort down the toilet at her house. The plumber’s bill could have been larger than it was, but my sister wouldn’t let the guy try and talk her into purchasing a new toilet.

For our Sunday night supper, we ate what we had in the house. A friend did call and ask us to go out for supper since her husband, daughter and her husband were at the Patriot Game. We were so comfortable in our sweat pants that we didn’t want to leave the house.

Social Calendar – I have to do some stuff at my Dad’s house this morning. We are both socially engaged this evening. Linda has a gathering with her golfing buddies at Patrick’s Pub. I have UNICO membership dinner / meeting. It takes place at the Italian American Club. The caterer at the club is preparing the meal. The food is really good when he and his crew prepare a meal.

Observation – Even though I did some bench sitting at the Sheep and Wool Festival, I love to watch and listen into peoples’ conversations. While sitting on a picnic bench at the 4-H pavilion eating a breakfast sandwich, a group of knitters gathered. A leader of the group said to her friends: “We have to have a game plan!” They discussed when and where they were going to meet, when they were going to eat lunch, etc.
All the knitters wear articles of clothing which they have made. A lady complimented me on the hat that I was wearing. Linda made it for me month ago. Another lady who was sitting next to me while I was on the bench told her girlfriend that she was; “Having a blast at the festival!” I was sitting next to the Kettle corn guys, and one lady bought 5 large bags of kettle corn. I was going to purchase one for my friend who attended the Patriot Game, but I couldn’t figure out a way to keep the Kettle Corn fresh. There is nothing like Kettle Corn freshly made.
Some of the women thought hat it was very nice that their significant others like me were available to haul their treasures back to the car as they became too heavy.
The knitters come in all shapes and sizes, There were people in wheel chairs and scooters. My friend saw a woman elbow a man, and knock him to the ground. My friend had no clue as to what provoked the women. The women was coming out of the wine pavilion, maybe alcohol had something to do with her behavior.
I thought at one point that Linda was going to purchase one of those yarn making wheels at which you go from the raw wool, and make it into yarn.
Linda already has so much yarn in buckets, and on shelves in the guest bedroom closet.
As we were waiting for our wives at the last place that our wives were shopping at, one lady walked by me with armfuls of bags of yarn, and raw wool. She told her girlfriend that she thinks that she has the same kind of yarn at home that she bought last year.
The knitters to seem feed off of one another like the sharks do. One goes in and gets a little blood flowing, and then it becomes a feeding frenzy. One lady was upset because another one grabbed some yarn that she was thinking of purchasing.

Well, I have to finish my morning routine, and get ready to go to Lee. I think Linda is going to sleep a long time this morning unless that darn telephone rings.
Talk to you soon, The Curley Lad

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