Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hello on Wednesday

Dear Friends,

Our Tuesday went exactly as planned. The contractor showed up first at our home, and has finally ended his obligation to get our home back to normal.
The Cleaners arrived with all 114 pieces of items which got wet during the water damage way back in June. Our insurance company already paid them for the cleaning bill which had to be very expensive.
I did go off to have my aching leg checked out by a primary care physician in our Family Practice group of doctors. The doctor scheduled me in for a 3:30 PM ultra sound yesterday just to make sure that I had no blood clots in my leg. The primary care doctor called a little before 5 PM to tell me that I was clot free. My aches and pains are just muscle strains.
The Doctor who dealt with me became famous a several months ago because her and her husband put a swing set out in the front of their yard to make it easy for the movers to get at it the next day. Someone came by in a truck, and took the swing set assuming that the owners put it on their front lawn, and that it was free for the taking. The local newspaper reported it as a theft. The person who did take the swing set returned it to the owners once he found out that the police were trying to find him and arrest him.

Linda was exhausted by the time her day came to an end on Tuesday. Playing Mah Jongg twice in one day is mentally exhausting. I wouldn’t exactly know the feeling because I don’t know how to play the game.

My day ended when the UNICO board meeting concluded at little after 7 PM.

During my non engaged hours, I have been reading a book on Linda’s Kindle device. I didn’t think that I could adjust to not holding a book, but the device is real simple to use. I can’t wait to use in while on a trip, or while on an airplane.
A couple of times, I did start to dose while using it and the Kindle almost hit the floor. A regular book can take the punishment, but I am not sure if this electrical device can. I also have to be careful if I put the Kindle in one of the pockets of my cargo pants. Can you imagine if I washed the pants with the Kindle in it? Maybe I should check to see if I can get insurance for the device?

Observation1 – As I have been driving on the multiple streets of Pittsfield, I keep on seeing the various lawn mowing services cutting and taking care of people’s lawns. I can see if you are elderly, and you might want to pay for this service, but if you are young, you should be doing it yourself. On the other hand, if you make the big bucks, and can afford to pay someone to cut your lawn, then it isn’t really a big deal. Am I weird because I actually like cutting the lawn, weed whacking, tending to the flowers which we plant, etc.?
Linda is not so sure that I did a great job of pruning some of the bushes in our yard while she was shopping on Sunday with her girlfriends. I might have got carried away a couple of the bushes that I trimmed. She is afraid that I might have killed one of the bushes instead of giving it a trim. Every time Linda looks out the kitchen window into our back yard she can see the bush that I hacked up pretty bad. I am praying that the bush comes back to life in the Spring. Maybe I should have left the pruning up to the professionals?

Observation 2 -- I didn’t sleep well last evening. I was heart sick when I heard the sports report that my Patriots are in negotiations to trade their premier receiver Randy Moss back to the original team which drafted him years ago; the Minnesota Vikings. Randy wants the Patriots to sign him to a multi year contract, but the Patriots’ management doesn’t want to pay him a whole bunch of money as he gets closer to the end of his Hall of Fame career. Also, Randy has been whining about his lack of securing such a contract on national television. If you portray the guy who writes out your paycheck as the bad guys too many times, your whining will come back to bite you. Patriot management has no patience for disgruntled players.
My question is can the Patriots win a Super Bowl without Randy Moss? Who will be the deep threat guy if they Patriots do trade Moss?
I do like the youth movement with respect to the players on the team right now, but I think that you have to have some veteran leadership too.

Social Calendar – I have a few errands to do this morning before Linda gives me a haircut, eye brow, and mustache trim. I have to look good for this weekend’s wedding which we are attending in New Hampshire. I think that today’s cool and rainy weather will force Linda to cut my hair inside the house instead of on the lawn in the back yard. The birds, some of which stay around for our cold and snowy winters, will miss a whole lot of bedding material for their nests.
Linda is the only one who as a booked in activity today. Her knitting group meets every Wednesday at Panera Bread. This is not a formal organization. It is just a bunch of women chatting and knitting, and sharing their patterns. During the summer they one time had 18 people participating. The teachers in the group are too tired to go out during the week so that the numbers have decreased since September.
Linda has already made me a new winter hat. My hats have to be specially made because I have a full head of hair to cover up. I am usually not a person who even wears a baseball cap because my hair acts like a hat. Most of our friends who wear baseball hats seem to be follically challenged.

Even though I don’t have a formal event booked in today, I am going to press some shirts, and do some serious packing for our weekend adventure.

Speaking of the weekend, Linda and I will be partying, helping out with taking care of our grandchild since Kevin is an usher in the wedding. We also will help out with taking care of their two dogs at this animal friendly hotel. Our room is across the hall from Kevin and Kyla’s.
Our grandchild Max is on a get up early schedule. He has been waking up at 6 AM. It might be Grandpa’s job of taking care of Max at that hour. I don’t think that Kevin and Kyla will want to do the parenting thing after a night of partying with their friends.
Could Max be sleeping in our room on at least one of the nights?

Well, I am going to put on my gym gear, and head off to Retro Fitness. I will be with the 4:30 AM crowd today.
Since I have been up so early this morning, I will be taking an afternoon nap for sure.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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