Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hello on Thursday Morning

Dear Friends,

We had a pleasant day on Wednesday.

I was the first one to leave the house, and go off to my appointment with the optometrist. The diagnosis was dry eyes. I am now taking eye drops during the day, and a Vaseline like substance before going to bed. Both were over the counter medicines, but one of the ones that the optometrist recommended cost $13. Oh Darn!
The doctor thinks that the dry eyes could be caused by the constant air flow of my sleep apnea mask.

By the time that I arrived home, Linda was still in her sleep wear. She was shocked when I asked if she wanted to do lunch. Since it was a little too early for lunch, we decided to do the picture hanging in the basement which was our last job to do from the water damaging incident. We used the last few dollars of our “Chit”, which is the $50 built into the golf membership fee which must be spent for food at the club. We did a half sandwich and a small bowl of soup.

Linda went off to purchase my eye chemicals, and I went home and took a nap.
My pupils stayed dilated all day long right into the evening. I thought that the nap would help make the blurry vision go away, but it didn’t.

I went off to a local hardware store to get some items which I saw in a sale flyer.
One of the items really caused a mess. One of my purchases was a couple cans of that foam insulation which you shoot into cracks and crevices to keep out the cold air. Well, I decided to try using one of the cans around a couple of garage doors. I did so without putting on gloves, and without changing into old clothes. Well, I got the sticky based foam on my nice light weight jacket. I tried using some paint thinner to get some off the jacket, but that didn’t work. I tried washing the jacket, and that didn’t work. I got the sticky stuff on the door knob going into the house. I got the sticky stuff on the kitchen sink faucets. When I took the jacket out of the washer, I used a pair of scissors, and tried to cut the stuff off of the fleece coat. Now my jacket has holes in it. Do you think that Linda was a little upset with me since I made such a mess and ruined one of my favorite jackets? She made some comment about my actions being childlike, and I couldn’t refute her claim.

Social Calendar – I am off to the dentist at 10 AM. My 8:30 AM appointment got changed. Today it will be a shot of Novocain, and drilling and filling the tooth where the filling fell out.
Linda doesn’t have to move her body until lunch time which is when she and her golfing buddies are doing lunch at a place called “On a Roll”. In the evening, she has her once a month Book Club meeting at a member’s home.
I will be home alone doing some more reading.

Both of us also have to pack today for our weekend adventure at the Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, New York. We talked another couple into joining us. We are booked into two different restaurants during our stay. Our exit strategy is to leave a little after 9 AM on Friday morning. The other couple will join us for supper on Friday evening.

We have been checking the weather forecast for the weekend. A Nor’easter is predicted to roll in on Friday with mostly rain on that day with the possibility of snow in elevations above 1500 feet. The first day of the festival will start off cloudy, and then turn sunny with strong winds and temperatures in the middle 50’s. Packing the appropriate clothes will be a challenge.

Yesterday, we also confirmed with our son that next weekend we will be baby sitting in North Tewksbury. We will be taking care of Max in his own home. During our stay, we will spend some time visiting with the Brodeur’s too.

During both weekends, we are missing some social engagements. We have informed the appropriate people. The function which we are missing this Saturday is a memorial party for a friend whose brother passed away several weeks ago. The deceased was a resident of Ireland. He actually graduated from my former high school in the early 70’s, but I didn’t remember him being a student of mine.
The following weekend we are missing a Bazaar at the Italian American Club, but both Linda and I will be submitting baked goods a day or so before the event.

As I end this e-mail. The temperature is 32 degrees. My beautiful begonias have expired which means more work for me.
I will deal with the removal of the bedroom air conditioners (three of them) and storage of deck furniture early next week. When those projects are done, we will be ready for winter.
I did breakdown, and turned the heat on in the house. The heating season has begun for the Curley’s.

Have a great Thursday.
The rains will start early this evening and go right into Friday here in the Berkshires.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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