Monday, July 5, 2010

Hello on the Fifth of July

Dear Friends,

We had a a great time at the Fourth of July picnic. There was much food, fun, merriment, and fireworks (after it got dark). The Culver husband and wife team purchased the fireworks in New Hampshire, and they were in charge of setting them off at the picnic. Some of the fireworks which they set off were as good as the professional ones. The people at the picnic thanked them profusely because they spent several hundred dollars of their own money to put on the fireworks show.

In a few short hours, I will be picking up two friends who will be marching with our UNICO contingent in the Fourth of July Parade even though it is the Fifth of July. If you are wondering why we didn’t have the Parade on the Fourth, the organizers said that they didn’t want to interfere with Sunday religious services.

The parade will start promptly at 10 AM, and it is expected to end at 12:15 AM. I have to go home after the parade, and take a quick shower and head off to the Culver’s home in West Stockbridge. We will be meeting there at 2:15 PM, and we will be caravanning to Tanglewood for the James Taylor Concert. This is the last day of this three day concert. We will be standing in line for an hour or so until the gates open at 4 PM.
The lawn will be so packed with people that there will be no easy paths to the restrooms for this concert. There will be 15,000 on the lawn, and 5000 people in the shed. Our group will have 20 plus people on our little plot of land on the lawn. It will be another day of food, fun, and merriment, and music.
There is no chance of rain, but it will be hazy, hot, and humid with temperatures in the low 90’s.

I have heard how Kevin and his family are doing with their camping adventure in Freeport, Maine.
Mike and his family in Kansas were having a few people over before they were heading off to a fireworks show.

The Yankees won, and the Red Sox loss. This ended my hope that the Red Sox would be in first place if the reverse happened.

It was relatively quiet around the world yesterday. A suicide bomber killing a few people, the finding of the body of a missing boy, not many people vacationing in the Gulf region because of the oil clogged beaches, etc., seems to be the norm each day. Am I becoming numb to some of the terrible things that are happening throughout the Globe?

Well, I have to clean up the inside of my car so that my friends can sit comfortably in it when I pick them up this morning.
Linda is not attending the parade. She will be packing all of our gear, and picking up some chicken wings which is our contribution for food at Tanglewood. Everyone who we will be partying with will be bringing something different that we all will share.

Have a great day off on the legal Holiday.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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