Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hello on Wednesday

Dear Friends,

Everyone is up, and we all had French toast for breakfast.
We are going to a petty zoo, but we have to wait for a thunderstorm to move through before the sun comes out, and we reach a hot and humid 94 + degrees.

Even though we do get almost daily photos on the computer by way of I pods of all the grandchildren, it is so nice to give them hugs in person.

The fresh corn in Kansas is ahead of us in the Berkshires. I wouldn’t mind having it every day of the week.

The world is pretty quiet today.

I just got through reading the Kansas City Star newspaper, but it wasn’t easy getting it off the driveway of their house. A nest of swallows and their four babies have built up a nest above their front door. The parents of the birds dive bombed me as I exited and entered their front door. When the young birds leave the nest, Mike will be remove the nest.

The Red Sox lost an extra inning game. They could have picked up a game on the Yankees who lost their game, but it just wasn’t to be.

Observation – I was thinking about the economy, and the large number of people who are unemployed. I was talking politics with a tradesperson, and he had a solution to the problem. He said that the President should tell the nation that everything is going to cost a few bucks more, but we are going to start making products in the United States. We won’t be purchasing any products made in foreign countries until we get our country back on its feet.
It sounds simple, but it is really complicated. People who invest in the stock market, and companies, etc. want a high rate of return on their investments. To get the high rate of return, you have the people who make the products being paid terrible wages. Now some of the workers in these countries are starting to protest these low wages which workers in the United States did at the beginning of the 20th century.
Does greed control the world?

Well, we have to get dressed and make some decisions. The petty zoo trip has been moved to Thursday.
It might be a jump on the trampoline, and a dip in the pool day.
This will be good for Linda and I since we had a busy month or so, the business will continue when we get back home.

Have a great Wednesday.
Ours is off to a good start already! The Curley Lad

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