Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hello on Saturday evening

Dear Friends,

Linda and I have come to the conclusion that the daily temperatures of the lower to mid nineties each day is too much for this retired couple to handle. If wanted weather like this, we would have bought a place in Florida.
The heat saps the energy right out of you.

Today’s adventure began at 8 AM as we loaded up the car and headed off to a big time farmer’s market not like the one we have in the Berkshires in the parking lot of the local Sears store. It was a great place to see all the various vendors for food, vegetables, fruits, jewelry, kids slides, etc., but the heat and the wall to wall bodies made our trip short.

Our next stop was the Rain Forest restaurant deigned for kids and their families. Both children were good once again as we had an early lunch. We were at the doors of the place a little after 11 AM, and good thing that we arrived early because there was a line as we exited the restaurant. We stopped at an ice-cream store called Sheridans before we headed home. We unloaded the car with our framer’s market purchases, and children, and I went directly to bed. Linda stayed up a while, and she eventually went for a nap too. We slept until 5 PM, and missed the next adventure which was a birthday party for a child in the neighborhood. Danielle said that they tried knocking on our door, but we were out like a light. They left without out us, but she left us a note.
I think that we will just enjoy the next couple of hours of quiet time even though the note said that we could call, and find out where the party is located.

Once again, I have come to the conclusion that our little place in the country in the western part of the State of Massachusetts is a wonderful place to call home. I hope Mike’s next assignment next June is in a place where temperature is a few degrees cooler than in Kansas.

Have a great Saturday evening.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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