Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hello on Thursday from Kansas

Dear Friends,

An e-mail recipient pointed out that I spelled a word incorrectly in the Wednesday e-mail. “Petty” zoo was supposed to be “petting” zoo.
We are leaving the house today at 8:15 AM to go to the petting zoo. The doors to the zoo open at 9 AM, and we are trying to beat the heat, humidity, and the 95 degree predicted temperature.

We spent most of Wednesday indoors in the central air conditioning at their family home. Both Linda and I needed an afternoon nap. Linda doesn’t like napping, but her body was trying to tell her otherwise. She actually slept longer than me which is highly unusual.

For supper I grill some red, and green peppers, and Vidalia onions. The corn on the cob was purchased at a different place than the day before. It turned out to be what Linda and I call cow corn when it has no sweetness or flavor at all. All of the adults agreed with this assessment. I did grill some brats and turkey sausage, but I got carried away with the cooking of them, and we couldn’t tell which was which when I plated them. You would think that I never cooked sausages before in my life. The flavor of the meat was good, but I would call them blackened!

Well I can’t mess up today’s menu. We are having pulled pork sandwiches. I just started a pork shoulder in their crock pot at 5 AM (CST). It should be cooked to perfection by the time we sit down to supper. This family is on an 8 AM, 12 PM, 5 PM meal plan. This brings back memories when my mom was running the kitchen when I was growing up.
Both children sleep through the night very well. Gabriel doesn’t have regimented naps yet. He has a series of cat naps throughout the day. I think that he doesn’t want to miss much throughout the day even though he is only a couple of months old. If anyone talks to Gabe, you can get him to smile. Linda is working her camera feverishly, and we should have some great photos to show my mother and father when we return home next week.

Observation – Speaking of photos, I am so glad that Linda does go to CVS, and sits their hours at a time, and makes prints of the pictures. The newer generation does take many pictures, but they seem to never make it from the camera or the computer to actual photo paper.
As an example of how important photo albums are for Linda and I, we used one yesterday to try and figure out who our latest grandchild looks like. Linda has given both Kevin, and Michael photo albums that she created when our kids were born, and grew up in those formative years. Gabriel has facial features right now that leans toward what his did looked like 36 years ago.
When we last visited Max, Kevin took out the album that Linda had given him. Max is a spitting image of what Kevin looked like at almost one year old. Now things might change during the next few years, but as of this moment you can definitely tell who the father is of the two male grandchildren.
Now we can’t forget about the mothers in this discussion. Isabelle and Gabriel do have some characteristics of their Mom. Besides having pleasant personalities, a great set of teeth (Isabelle so far) like their Mom, they have big feet. When both of them grow up, their shoe size will be larger than their Dad’s. I hope that I didn’t get myself in trouble by pointing this fact out. Laugh at yourself, laugh at life, and the day becomes a much brighter one.
Both Kansas grandchildren won’t have to worrying about using a tanning booth to get that perfect color. Isabelle tans well, and Gabriel must have picked up some of that Sicilian dark skin from Grandpa Curley as well as blue eyes.
Max, from North Tewksbury, picked up his mother’s fair skin. He might have to use sun screen chemicals when he goes out in the sun for the rest of his life.

Before I grab my second cup of coffee, one of my Irish Sister City friends wanted me to put out a message about the August 10 Independent League baseball game at Wahconah Park. The Pittsfield Irish Sister Committee is sponsoring a night at the park. For $20 per person, you get hot dogs, hamburgers, various salads as well as a ticket to the game. This will be taking place at the picnic area within the ball park which will be reserved for us. It is a cash bar for alcoholic beverages. We need about 60 people to make the event work. We are short about 20 people at the current time. Send me an e-mail, and I will get you the tickets. Yes. Linda and I will be attending the event during this busy week that the Curley’s have.

As soon as we get back from any trip, we always seemed to be booked in for multiple events. This is why it is so nice to go somewhere, and not have a care in the world. I missed a UNICO Golf Committee meeting last night. Hopefully my co-chair buddy took care of thing (in charge of prizes and goody bags for the players as well a tee and green signs of sponsors) in my absence.

Well, I have to go out the front door, and be greeted by the swallows and bird excrement as I make my way to the newspaper which is sitting in their driveway right now.
Have a great Thursday.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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