Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hello on Sunday Morning

Dear Friends,

We started off our Saturday at the complementary breakfast room at our hotel.
Make your own fresh Belgian Waffle was the big hit of
what was on the limited menu. There was plenty of stuff to get you started for
the day.
After breakfast, we shopped for an hour or so at a nearby Christmas Tree Shops
store. We have a semi car full of treasures from the store.
We then got dressed, and left for the two pm wedding. The Church was about three
miles south on the road right outside our hotel.
It was a 45 minute service, but the Bride was 15 minutes late because the limo
got stuck in traffic. We exited the Church at 3 PM.
Since the cocktail hour didn't start until 5 PM, we gathered in one of the
larger rooms that some of the Berkshire people had, and had a party of our own.
The Yellow School bus arrived at our hotel at 4:30 PM. Every Berkshire person
got on the bus except for two ladies who drove their own car.
The Cocktail hour was spectacular. There was an open during this hour, and
throughout the whole reception. The reception took place on a Private Golf
Course called Willowbend. It just oozed big bucks as soon as the bus entered the
grounds as well as when we entered the building. It appeared that they built the
course, and sold big homes around the course.
The waitstaff performed like clockwork. The food was delicious.
Speaking of the food, we were talking about the fact that we never checked off
of what kind of food which we were having at the reception. Everyone was served
what appeared to be a tenderloin of beef. It was cooked so that it was pink in
the middle. Only one person at our table had them cook her beef a little more.
The reception ended at precisely 10 PM. We headed back to the school bus. We
never left the the country club until 10:30 PM. When we arrived back at our
hotel, all of us baby boomer Berkshireites decided not to continue on the "Liam
Maguire's Pub". The youngsters on the bus were driven straight to the Pub.

When we Linda wakes up, we are going to load up the car, have breakfast, and
head back to the Berkshires.
Can you believe it that Linda is socially engaged this evening? She received a
telephone call from a girlfriend while we were in the Christmas Tree Shops. It
will be a gathering of female friends starting at 6 PM at the home of a former

It rained a little in the morning when we were shopping, but the rest of
Saturday was another hazy, hot, and humid day. When Linda talked with a couple
of friends from Massachusetts on Saturday, they said that they were engaged in a
rain event.
Since Cape Cod is the farthest point east in Massachusetts, I am guessing that
it might be rainy for a good portion of this day.

Sports -- I see where the Red Sox lost again. Finally, the New York Yankees lost
a game.
I wish that I could watch the World Cup Soccer Finals today. I am rooting for
the underdog, the Netherlands.

Observation 1 -- I haven't been to Cape Cod in a couple of years. I guess I
forgot what it was like to drive on Route 28 that is a main thoroughfare
throughout the Cape. It is a nice place to visit, but to spend several months
with the tourists in stop and go traffic would put me over the edge. The
heaviest traffic in the Berkshires occurs when there is a Tanglewood concert
with performers like James Taylor. The rest of the time, it is quiet and
peaceful in our neck of the woods.

Observation 2 -- I was looking over the Curley schedule for the next four or
more weekends. We are booked in through the first week of August. There is a
little lull with events during the week, and then we head off to a Chevvy Chase
Family Lampoon Vacation down south with two other couples whom we are not
related to. This takes place during the last week of August.
Do you think that Linda and I will ever say that we are bored during these years
of retirement?

Well, I am going to take a shower, and try and do some quiet activities. Yeah

Have a great Sunday.
We hope to be back home by mid afternoon today.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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