Friday, November 5, 2010

Hello on Friday


Time is sure flying by. I can see that every time that our children send pictures of their children over the internet. It was so simple years ago when all your relatives lived and grew up in the same neighborhood or small town. Other family members could watch each other, and older cousins’ baby sat for young cousins. At times I thought that you didn’t have much privacy, ­­­­­­­but now I see that those times were actually good for us. Now our children live miles from their parents.

One of our friend’s loves his first grandchild so much that he is flying down south to visit, and do a little baby sitting too.

Linda and I are still waiting to get some least expensive flights to see our two grandchildren in Kansas. We might have to wait until after New Years. We haven’t been to Kansas since mid July. The daily pictures which Mike and Danielle send us are nice, but there is nothing like being there in person.

My doctor’s appointment went okay. An X-Ray showed that I have a little arthritis in my knee. I need to have an MRI for a meniscus tear to show up. I will schedule to have that done in the next few weeks. If I do need a little arthroscopic surgery, I am going to wait until after New Year’s. Isn’t the aging process wonderful?

Linda made it through her body maintenance appointment, and then went off to order carpets. She spent time getting estimates in two places before heading off to the grocery store. She was exhausted by the time that she walked in the door at 5 PM.

Speaking of Linda, I forgot to mention that I dirtied Linda’s driver’s side of her KIA. The other day we went off to Matt Reilly’s Pub for supper. She said that the car smelled, and I asked if it was me. Since I don’t have the Bionic smelling powers that Linda has, I really didn’t notice the odor. I asked her: “What does it smell like?” She said that it smelled like fecal matter. I said that I didn’t think that it was me. Yesterday, when she got in her car, she noticed dog poop on the driver’s side of her car. I also noticed a few days earlier that I had some dog poop on my sneakers, not knowing that I transferred some to her car. Well, now I have to have shoe inspection before I drive her car. Oh darn!

While Linda was doing her thing, I took an afternoon nap, and read another book. I am almost done with this one. Linda is my book supplier.

Linda also said; “Have a nice trip” to a friend who is going to Budapest, Germany River Cruise, etc. with a bunch of her girlfriends this evening. I can’t wait for the pictures and stories from her adventure. Linda would have probably joined the ladies, but the Curley’s can’t do carpeting in two rooms, and pay for a trip too.

Today is our lunch / early birthday party for my dad. His brother and his wife will be joining us. I am not sure if my sister is bringing any of her family members. I also found out yesterday that I am not needed for a fund raiser on Sunday. Kevin, Kyla, and Max were all set to come up for my father’s birthday if we had the party on Sunday, November 7, 2010 which is my dad’s actual birthday. Oh darn!

The crock pot has been brewing all night. We have a couple of petite tenderloin roasts in there with my apple cider, and fresh sliced apples. Linda puts on her favorite spices. I will be preparing some oven roast potatoes, and I think that we might do some canned peas which my dad really likes. I made one of my chocolate whiskey cakes for dessert. I even found an Irish Soda bread in the freezer. We should have enough leftovers to make some ”To go” containers for the seniors.

I am not sure if what we are doing this evening. It might be a quiet evening at home. I have the Celtics to keep me entertained.

Linda has formulated her plans for the weekend. Saturday might be a little recreational shopping with her girlfriends. Sunday she might be going off to the Fiber Festival at the Eastern States Exhibition grounds in West Springfield. The Fiber Festival is for knitters, and not for foods that make a person’s internal plumbing work better. If the Patriot’s weren’t playing at 1 PM on Sunday, I would go with her.

I have more yard work to do, but I better watch out for dog poop as I am doing it.

Supper last evening was kind of interesting. Everything came from the frozen food department. Linda had a coupon for some frozen stuffed chicken breasts. There are two fist sized chicken breasts in a package. Your bake the uncooked breasts for 32 minutes at 400 degrees. The sodium and calorie counts were on the low side. I also prepared a two person frozen rice in a bag, and a two person frozen green beans in a bag. The meal turned out wonderful. Linda is going back to the grocery store at some point today to get a couple more boxes of the chicken concoctions.

News – CNN had a report of a young person dressed up as an elderly person as he tried to get through an international airport. The disguise looked very real. The terrorists and illegal aliens now have another way to infiltrate any country that they wish to enter. Oh Darn

While I was in the car yesterday, I heard some of the millions which candidates spent on trying to get elected. The numbers were absolutely staggering. Can you imagine what those funds could have done for all the worthy programs which we can’t even properly fund in the United States? We ought to have real strict limits on political spending. It looks like you can pretty much buy a political office if you have the financial backing.

Well, I have to finish my morning routine, and peel some potatoes.

Have a great weekend.

Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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