Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hello on Wednesday

Dear Friends,

It was a pleasant and easy drive east on the Massachusetts Turnpike on Tuesday.
As we were leaving Pittsfield, we received a telephone call from from our son
who asked if we could go directly to his restaurant in East Boston because he
had to go into work, and he took his son with him. We arrived at "Dough" around
12:30 pm. Max was in a booster chair just about ready to have lunch. Kevin
whipped up a sandwich for us, and the three of us dined together while Kevin and
his crew worked the lunch crowd. After lunch, we headed back to Kevin and Kyla's
house. I unloaded the car, and we put Max down for an afternoon nap. Grandpa
took an afternoon nap too. While Max and I were sleeping. Linda went one street
over to visit the Brodeur's. Max fell asleep after I did, but he didn't wake up
until 5 PM.

Kevin came home early from work, and the three of us bonded, played, and chased
Max around. We fed Max first around 6 PM before we ordered some Chinese take out
food. It was okay, but I still like our Chinese food in Pittsfield. Kyla did
arrive home later than usual. She was working with a client all day long whose
business needs some help. I can't elaborate on who and what the client is asking
her firm to do.

Kevin and Kyla are going off to work today. I am going off to the day care
center with Kevin a little after 9 AM today to introduce myself so that I can
pick up Max at the day care center later on today. I am then going back and pick
up Linda, and go off to the Brodeur's to help with some chopping and dicing in
preparation for Thanksgiving Day dinner. Ginny told Linda yesterday that she
doesn't want to see me at the crack of dawn in her kitchen.
Jerry changed his dialysis schedule and went on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. I
hope that he will feel good enough to help out with the grunt work this morning.
If he can't manage, Ginny, Linda and I will get things done. Also, I forgot that
Ginny babysits her grandchild Monday through Friday so that there might be a few

Max started crying at 5:10 AM this morning. I think that the howling wind woke
him up. I am the only one up right now, but I would think that max will be
waking up soon. He usually wakes up around 6:30 AM every morning. I was given
specific instructions to not go and get him when he first starts stirring. Max's
walking is getting better. He is definitely a bundle of energy. This is actually
a practice run for when Linda and I will have him from December 5 through
December 12. There was some conversation last night about Kyla leaving for the
conference a few days earlier than the 5th of December.

Max still prefers to go to Grandpa over Grandma. He loves his daddy too. When
Kyla walked in last night, Max was still up. I thought that he would go running
to his Mom. Not! I could see that Kyla needed a hug from Max, but she had to go
to him to get it. Oh Darn!

Kevin said that the Gormalley's stopped in one Saturday a few weeks ago at his
restaurant while they were on the way to a wedding in the area. I tell people
from the Berkshires who are heading to the airport or doing some sightseeing in
the Boston area to stop in and grab some food at his restaurant. You can get
there by the "T" if you don't want to drive. Kevin has a website for the
restaurant, and driving directions too (I think). If you are staying at any
airport Hotel, he delivers the food there too.
Kevin told us last night that he has to make stuffing as one of his tasks today.
Some woman is making her own turkey dinner at home, but likes the stuffing which
Kevin makes at the restaurant. As I said in a previous e-mail, both Kevin and
Linda make a great Turkey sandwich (which includes the stuffing) with the left
overs from the Thanksgiving Day Turkey.

Well, I have to grab a second cup of coffee, and watch the morning news until
Max finally wants me to rescue him.
I am trying to figure out when I should take a nap today.
I heard a report that 40 million people will be on the roads today. I am so glad
that Linda and I won't be part of the 40 million. Daycare is less than a mile
form their home, and the Brodeur's are one street over from Kevin and Kyla's
Have a safe and happy holiday.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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